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January 6th, 2017

We Are Closing Our Doors


All good things must come to an end, and we (Cindy and Becky) have decided that the time has come to close our site. Although running the site for the last seven years has been tremendously rewarding and has enabled us to meet some incredible people (both online and off), we have collectively come to the conclusion that it is time to move on. Becky has the opportunity to do some extensive traveling, and Cindy wants to focus her time on her family and dog rescue. We are still huge Steve (and Anna) fans and will continue to follow their careers, although without our reporter caps on. We’ll keep the forum around for anyone who wants to drop by and say hello, and may share some news on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

We wish everyone the best and are incredibly thankful for all the support and feedback our followers have given throughout the years.

December 31st, 2016

Happy New Year from Simply Moyer

As we prepare to ring in 2017, we’d like to wish all of our friends and followers a healthy and happy New Year!



December 23rd, 2016

Happy Holidays!!!

We at Simply Moyer wish you and your family a peaceful and happy holiday season!



December 22nd, 2016

Stephen Moyer Lends Voice to Macabre Tale


It looks like Steve has lent his vocal talents to another project! Vault of the Macabre’s Fright Before Christmas, a short film by Darren Field, features narration by a rather spooky-sounding Stephen Moyer! Check out the video below and be sure to check your curtains are closed tonight!

December 19th, 2016

The Parting Glass to Film in Toronto

Steve and one of his partners at CASM, Mark Owen Larkin, have been sharing some photos from Toronto where they have been doing some location scouting. According to Pop Goes the News, Steve will be directing The Parting Glass in Toronto! Filming is expected to begin in January. The Parting Glass is written by and stars Denis O’Hare and is the true story about the suicide of Denis’ sister and his family’s attempt to understand what happened. The Parting Glass will be the first feature directed by Steve and the second feature film under the CASM umbrella. The Parting Glass also stars Anna Paquin and Cynthia Nixon. We’re excited to see the CASM clan embark on this film project!

Photo Credit: Stephen Moyer

Photo Credit: Stephen Moyer


December 16th, 2016

Just Because We Love Stephen Moyer

And that’s plenty enough reason to share this photo of Steve. Plus, there’s lots of silly bacon merchandise in this picture too. Steve and bacon … perfect together!



December 16th, 2016

Location Scouting with Stephen Moyer

Steve shared this photo on Twitter yesterday featuring he, Mark Larkin, and Guy Godfree on a location scout up in Toronto. We’re assuming this may be tied to The Parting Glass, the CASM film starring Denis O’Hare, Anna Paquin, and Cynthia Nixon that Steve is slated to direct. Cynthia Nixon mentioned in an interview with Parade Magazine that they will begin shooting in January. We’re looking forward to seeing more behind-the-scenes pics from this crew!


December 5th, 2016

Shots Fired Heading to Sundance

shotsfired_avatar_0 The first two episodes of the much anticipated ten episode series “Shots Fired” will screen at the Sundance Film Festival, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The 33rd Annual Sundance Film Festival will be held from January 19th to January 29th in Park City, UT. “Shots Fired” is featured in the “Special Events” category.

In addition to Steve, the “Shots Fired” cast includes Sanaa Lathan, Stephan James, Helen Hunt, Richard Dreyfuss, and Mack Wilds. The screening will be followed by an extended Q & A. No word yet on cast members who will be in attendance or the date of the screening.

From The Hollywood Reporter, “Other hot-button fare includes the first two episodes of the 10-hour series Shots Fired from executive producers Gina Prince-Bythewood, Reggie Rock Bythewood, Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo. The series takes place in the wake of racially charged shootings in a North Carolina town, where an investigator digs into the cases alongside a special prosecutor. Together they seek justice while navigating the ensuing media attention and public unrest threatening the divided town.”

Simply Moyer attended the Urbanworld screening of “Shots Fired” in September. Check out our report from the screening here.

We’ll update as we learn more information about this screening.


December 2nd, 2016

CLARE Foundation Tribute Dinner – Photos of Stephen Moyer

On November 10th Steve was once again an Event Chair for the 19th Annual Friends of CLARE Tribute Dinner. As many are aware, Steve has been heavily involved with the CLARE Foundation since his move to Venice, CA back when filming True Blood.


We asked Steve in 2014 why he chose to work with CLARE, to which he responded:

…So, I was working at the treatment center as a volunteer and one of the things that I specifically liked about CLARE is that it’s for everybody, it’s a non-paying clinic and it’s one of the only places where you can get a bed for free in this town. So we, … as you know, addiction centers and treatment facilities cost anything from 30 to 60 grand a month for an individual, and ours is free. Most of the people who work there are volunteers, there are obviously people on staff, but the money we raise mostly goes to getting a bed. It’s 24 thousand dollars for a bed for a year and when you think that 60 grand is most places a month and ours is one individual for a whole year for 24 thousand dollars … that’s unbelievable. So, that’s what we try and do.

Below are the highlights (that we are aware of) of Steve’s involvement with CLARE:

  • 2011 – Honoree of the Friends of CLARE Tribute Award
  • 2011 – Volunteer in CLARE’s Drug Court Program
  • 2012 – Honorary Dinner Chair for Tribute Dinner
  • 2012 – Volunteer in CLARE’s Drug Court Program
  • 2013 – Joins the Board of Directors
  • 2014 – Event Chair of Tribute Dinner
  • 2015 – Panel member on the current state of addiction in Hollywood
  • 2015 – Event Chair of Tribute Dinner

This year Steve again served as Event Chair of the Tribute Dinner which saw Jamie Lee Curtis receive the Friends of CLARE Tribute Award, Kevin Zegers receive the Spirit of CLARE Award, and Will I. receive Client of the Year. Master of Ceremonies was Pat O’Brien.

view more images from this album

CLARE shared this video featuring Kevin Zegers on their Facebook page, which is how we obtained these photos.

November 26th, 2016

Throwback Stephen Moyer Photos

How’s this for a great find? Twitter user @TheTickleFox shared these photos of Steve and his mate, Marc Warren playing poker at the Sparks Charity Poker Night back in 2008. We’re sure most remember that Marc was one of Steve’s costars in the British series Men Only, a particular favorite amongst Steve’s fans. The photos are credited to Jules Annan. It’s fun to see some throwback photos of Steve!




November 20th, 2016

Stephen Moyer Reenacted Roosevelt in his Younger Years

Steve might consider this photo embarrassing, but his fans love the pictures he shares when he was young. Though most of his fans might not recognize Steve if not told this was him, upon a good look we can certainly recognize the features he’ll grow into.



November 20th, 2016

The Emerys in Montreal

From the looks of this Tweet, Steve and Anna were at the Bell Center in Montreal last night to watch the Canadiens take on the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Canadiens came out on top, with a final score of 2-1. Thanks to Steve for sharing this photo on Twitter!

November 18th, 2016

First Trailer for Detour Released!


MovieWeb has shared the poster and trailer for Stephen Moyer’s upcoming indie film, Detour, which will debut in theaters and on iTunes on January 20, 2017. Filmmaker Christopher Smith employs a split-narrative structure to tell the tale of deception and murder where it is never made clear what or who can be trusted. Check out the trailer below!


November 14th, 2016

Stephen Moyer in Ojai

We don’t know about y’all, but we’ve been in desperate need of a little distraction the past several days. Unless you’ve just woken from a coma, you likely know why. Thankfully, Steve has been sharing on his social media some fun photos and videos from Ojai, so we’ll share them here as well!


Breakfast in #Ojai And suddenly, everything seemed right with the world… #bonnielus

A video posted by Steve Moyer (@stephenmoyer) on

And thankfully, this lucky fan had his photo taken with Steve and shared it on Twitter. So, at least we’ve got lots of Steve goodies today!

November 6th, 2016

Shopping With your Daughter – Stephen Moyer Style

If you have kids, especially teenage daughters, you know what the shopping experience can be like and we believe Steve expresses it quite well in this photo. If you don’t end up in a corner sucking on your thumb by the end of the day, your a stronger person than Steve or me.

Steve shared this photo on his social media sites on 11/06..



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