“Radioactive” Recap – Bill Compton Style

by Mary

Hard to believe this was the end of season 6 of True Blood. But we are confirmed for a 7th season, and I am delighted. Although it is sad not to have True Blood airing on Sunday nights anymore this year, I came away from the finale with a sense of satisfaction and hope for some great stuff next year.

The finale opens with Sookie and Alcide walking through the cemetery after Terry’s funeral. They hear voices and music, and follow the sounds, arriving at the edge of Bill’s property. Here they watch in amazement as Bill, in his torn and bloody Henley, leads a group of vampires in blue “vamp camp” uniforms. As they arrive, the vampires are skipping, twirling, dancing, taking off their prison uniforms, making a uniform bonfire. There are vampires in couples, threesomes and more; kissing, hugging, fondling, engaging in sexual fun with each other. Some are rolling around in the grass, some are lounging on furniture brought out from the house. This is pure revelry, fueled by the unbounded joy of sunlight and freedom. Sookie, staring at this fantastical sight, says in a quiet understatement, “Bill was right about everything.” Bill, looking tired and spent, walks into his mansion, with a backward glance at the partying vampires that speaks of emotional exhaustion, and mental distraction.

Bill, all cleaned up and wearing his body hugging black cashmere sweater, is in his study looking out the window. He is watching Sookie as she greets her brother, his vampire girlfriend Violet (quite a greeting!), Pam and Tara. They are all bubbling over with happiness and excitement at being saved, and day walking. Pam even hugs Sookie, much to her astonishment. Tara tells Sookie she will never be able to hate Bill again, and Sookie replies, “Good luck with that.” Then, after a quick hug for Jason, Sookie walks away. Bill watches, his face etched with pain. We know that expression too well. He is heartbroken.

As the vampires continue their play outside, Bill is sitting in his office, balancing a drinking glass on the edge of a table, teetering on the edge. He stares at the glass with intense concentration. Just then, Jessica walks in, and the glass crashes to the floor. Jessica questions Bill, who tells her that his Lilith-bestowed powers have gone, that he is now just Bill again. Jessica queries, “You say that like it’s a bad thing” … which is exactly what I was thinking. Bill responds by telling Jessica about Warlow’s bargain – his magic blood for Sookie. He confesses that he had to save her, and agreed to the bargain, that Sookie was about to be made vampire. Jessica’s reaction reflects the essence of whose progeny she is, with a deep appreciation of humanity. She is shocked and incredulous. Urging Bill to get up and do something, she tells him, “At the beginning of all this you said that I had to protect your humanity. Please don’t make a failure out of me!” Bill, jolted out of his numbing sense of guilt, is moved to action. He tells Jessica he needs Jason.

Jason, Violet, Jessica, and Bill are all standing in Bill’s office. Jason, upon hearing of Sookie’s plight, is enraged, and begins threatening Bill. Jessica and Violet intervene, redirecting Jason’s rage, and he and Violet go to ask Andy for Adilyn’s help in getting onto the faerie plane.

This next scene is so classic Bill, I just enjoyed it immensely! Bill is escorting Dr. Takahashi through a wooded area. The professor is in a state of high anxiety, assuming Bill is going to kill him. Bill instructs him to stop, as the professor pleads for his life. Bill looks into his eyes, glamouring the frightened professor into forgetting his whole experience in the lab, as well as Bill, Jessica, and anyone else he had met. Bill also apologizes for worrying the professor’s family. He then vamp-speeds away, leaving Dr. Takahashi without a memory of recent events, but with a satchel full of cash. Although somewhat confused, he is ecstatic, hardly believing his good fortune!

Andy, Adilyn, Violet, and Jason arrive in the cemetery that night. Bill is waiting. After a few tense words from Andy, they walk further into the cemetery to the faerie plane portal. Adilyn tries to use her light to transport them into cemefaery, but no luck. She doesn’t know how to do it. Bill tries to help her, to no avail. Time is running out. He then mentions that faeries often enter their plane because of fear. Violet says, “Why didn’t you just say so?” and baring her fangs, gets in Adilyn’s face, growling and yelling menacingly, “Harness your fucking fae … ”. Adilyn screams in terror, and they are instantly transported into the cemefaery. Nice work, Violet!

What follows is a frenetic rescue, led by Bill. As they “land” in cemefaery, Bill immediately sees Sookie tied to the May Pole, with Warlow feeding on her. He grabs Warlow, throwing him away from her, as Jason and Violet release Sookie and carry her over to Adilyn and Andy. As Warlow faces off with Bill, Bill shouts at the group to save Sookie and leave. Thankfully, Adilyn is so frightened she successfully uses her light and they are gone in a flash. Warlow attacks Bill, immediately overpowering him. He looks down at Bill on the ground, uttering in complete disdain, “You are a fucking nuisance.” As he uses his light to transport himself out of faerie, Bill dives at his leg and holds on. They are both transported back, much to Warlow’s annoyance.

Warlow flies to Sookie’s house, where he easily disarms Andy, uses his light to render Violet unconscious, and glamours Jason into telling him where he can be locked up. Adilyn, Andy, and Jason end up in the “cubby.” Violet is lying unconscious in the foyer. Bill, now wielding his royal stake, tries to get through the front door, but is unable to enter without an invitation. Warlow loves this, as he taunts Bill. “Don’t you get it? No more Billith, no more access. Sookie doesn’t even want you anyway.” Again using his powerful light beam, he throws Bill off the porch onto the ground, unconscious. Bill’s stake falls on the porch. Warlow calmly walks upstairs to Sookie’s room, then into her bathroom, where he finds her hiding behind the shower curtain. As Sookie pleads with him to stop, Warlow dives at her neck, determined to completely drain her. Out from the fae portal in the bathroom comes Niall, who holds Warlow immobile, as Jason, who has escaped from the cubby and found Bill’s royal stake, uses it to stake Warlow in the heart. Warlow slowly disintegrates before their eyes, leaving a pool of blood mixed with sparkling faerie dust. As soon as he dies, a bright glow briefly emanates from an awakening Bill, then disappears. We see the same happen to Jessica and James, and finally, we witness Eric, high on a snowy mountaintop and naked as a jaybird in the sun, suddenly burst into flames. The end of Warlow is also the end of his blood’s power that allowed vampires to day walk.

The second half of the finale takes place after a time jump of six months. It opens in a rather startling manner, with Bill Compton being interviewed on television. He is the author of a best-selling book, “And God Bled” which chronicles the true story of the HepV epidemic – including how it all started with Truman Burrell, and how Bill ripped his head off in retribution. Lawrence O’Donnell asks Bill, “Aren’t you afraid that you’re going to have to stand trial for what you did?” Bill answers frankly, relaxed and confident, “What jury would convict me? Hepatitis V did not exist until this man dreamed it up. He used taxpayers’ money to hire scientists to create a deadly virus that has spread … into 1/8 of the world’s vampire population.” Watching the interview along with all of us is Sookie. She’s reclined on her (infamous) sofa, gazing at the TV with a look that says it all. We see admiration, infatuation, and plain old desire all over her face. Aaaah … sweet! Her reverie is interrupted by none other than Alcide, who comes in, lifts her up over his shoulder, and carries her upstairs to bed. We are informed in no uncertain terms, they are together, they are a couple. Sookie has moved on from vampires to wolf. I may not like it, but I get it. Sookie has made the choice to be safe. To no longer be a “danger whore,” but to live a life connected to her brother, her friends, her community. There is an easy, relaxed feeling about her. She and Alcide are playful and affectionate together. It’s never going to last.

The last scene of the finale is all talk, but it sure packs a punch! Alcide and Sookie leave “Bellefleur’s” (formerly Merlotte’s), site of the party arranged by Mayor Merlotte to match up humans with healthy vampires as protection from HepV-infected-vampire attack. As they arrive at Alcide’s truck, a familiar voice asks, “You’re leaving so soon?” They turn around to face Bill, stepping out of the dark, wearing his iconic white Henley and brown military-style jacket, looking drop -dead gorgeous! The conversation is as follows: Alcide: “Bill.” Bill: “Alcide.” Sookie: “I saw you on TV last night. You looked good.” Note her nervous smile, soft voice. She takes Alcide’s arm in defense of showing her feelings. Bill, looking straight into Sookie’s eyes: “May I have a moment alone with Sookie?” Alcide: “No fuckin’ way. Sookie: “Honey, it’s fine.” Alcide, staring at Bill: “No it ain’t, Sook. Anything Bill has to say to you, he can say to me, too.” Sookie to Bill: “You heard the man.” Bill, slowly walking toward Sookie, not taking his eyes off her, asks if she met anyone tonight. Sookie tells him no, she hasn’t made arrangements with any vampire. Bill replies, “You need a vampire in your life, Sookie, more so than anyone else here. You need protection.” Alcide responds, “She’s got me.” Bill, in classic alpha male form, still staring straight into Sookie’s eyes, answers: “You’re not good enough.” Alcide reacts in typical werewolf fashion, with a threatening growl, and glowing yellow eyes. With barely a glance his way, Bill flatly remarks, “You can growl all you want, bright eyes, but it doesn’t change the truth.” Alcide quickly quiets down. Still gazing into Sookie’s eyes, Bill’s face softens, as does his voice. “I’m offering you my protection.” Sookie replies hurriedly: “and I appreciate that, but I’m gonna take my chances all the same” as she looks up at Alcide. Bill tries to explain: “I’ve changed, Sook. I can be trusted again.” Sookie’s answer is direct and blunt. “That’s the thing, though. Even at your best, I could never really trust you.” Before Bill can reply, he and Alcide are distracted. “You smell that?” They turn in the direction of a scent. Sookie, bewildered, asks, “Someone mind tellin’ me what the hell is goin’ on?” Our view is directed to a clearing in the trees, where a hoard of feral-looking vampires, some with blood dripping from their mouths, is heading straight toward the Bon Temps community party. Fade to black. End of season 6!

I found this finale entirely enjoyable and satisfying. Bill is 100% his real self. He wants to help Sookie. She is in danger, just because of what she is. Bill knows Alcide is no match for a strong, hungry, feral vampire hell-bent on feeding. He’s completely above board and honest, hiding nothing from Alcide. He’s confident in himself and his abilities, once again a participant in the community. Sookie’s not ready to allow him into her life in any capacity, even as her protector. We know that Bill will never again disappoint her. We also know he’ll have to prove it. Bring on Season 7!

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