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September 21st, 2015

Vote for Milus Corbett as Favourite TBX Character

It’s been quite a while since we’ve taken part in a vote belonging to one of Stephen Moyer’s characters, and obviously we’re talking about the many that included Bill Compton. It’s a new year, a new show and a new character! PlayBuzz has a vote happening right now asking everyone to vote for their favorite TBX character. As we write this, Milus Corbett is in third place, so don’t waste any time and speed right on over to and bring it home for Milus. VOTE NOW!

milus corbett


‘Talk about departures! Milus is about as far from True Blood’s Bill ( as you can get! Milus likes behind the power behind the man. He’s smart and he’s cagey. Not one to let family get in the way to advancement, Milus sacrifices his brother (who he admittedly did not like) because it was more important to him that he had Wilkin (as his alter ego) under his thumb. What can we say? The man recognizes talent when he sees it!”

September 21st, 2015

The Bastard Executioner Theme Song by Ed Sheeran

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.06.20 PM

Kurt Sutter proves himself once again when it comes to making the right choices for his television shows. This time it’s his selection of Ed Sheeran to sing the TBX Theme Song; “King of the Kings”. We’d like to know when a full length version is going to be released, so we can add it to our personal playlist.

King of the Kings Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Born with a heart
That could ache more than beat
The mind of a killer
The soul of the meek
Flock with no shepherd
Is a vulnerable game
I can live without heart, without love
But I do need a name

Father, do you burn if your hand is in fire?
Does your head spin with rage when fooled by the liars?
King of the kings do you feel any pain? Do you feel any pain?
Do you feel any pain?

September 19th, 2015

TBX Promotional Photos of Milus Corbett

Bitch Entertainment, what a great website name, has posted some lovely high resolution photos from The Bastard Executioner. They’re all from episode 103: “Effigy/Delw”, but we’re only sharing the ones of Stephen Moyer as Milus Corbett. If you want to see the rest of the photos you can view them at the source.

When an unlikely suspect is charged with treason, Wilkin must carry out his duties as the new executioner.





view more images from this album

September 19th, 2015

15 Seconds of Shakespeare with Stephen Moyer and John Ales

Well, it’s not really Shakespeare, but lyrics from pop songs treated to a Shakespeare twist. The Shakespeare challenge is spreading on Twitter with quite a few of The Bastard Executioner cast and crew participating. Alex Newman, who plays Leon Tell on TBX, threw down the gauntlet and Steve, who likes a good challenge, not only picked it up but tossed it at John Ales.

I love these boys!

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 4.00.34 PM



Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 4.31.28 PM

September 18th, 2015

TBX – The Numbers and the Reviews

The Bastard Executioner did pretty well for itself when it premiered this past Tuesday, September 15th. It came in first place for cable telecasts earning an 0.83 rating in adults 18-49. You might think big whoopee, but these are decent numbers considering it’s a cable original program on a channel that quite a bit of the population doesn’t watch. So, way to go Kurt Sutter, Stephen Moyer and FX Networks.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 1.41.00 PM


What follows are just a few reviews from the many different sites that shared their opinions on The Bastard Executioner.


Channel Guide Magazine:
So if you find that other dramas pale in comparison to the HBO tale of warriors and weaklings and supernatural helpers of dubious intent — and Sutter’s own Sons of Anarchy — The Bastard Executioner is bloody good way to spend a Tuesday night.

Den of Geek:
Stephen Moyer is probably the most accomplished, well-known actor on the show and spends almost a full minute onscreen just walking into rooms and saying “My Lord.”

It’s all led by a strong cast, including Jones and True Blood graduate Stephen Moyer, whose Milus Corbett character steals every scene he’s in.

Ex–True Blood vampire Stephen Moyer simmers as a bisexual baronial chamberlain who holds Brattle’s secret against him.
[TBX]exhibit signs of developing into a bloody good show.

Huffington Post:
Moyer is uniformly excellent as plotting courtier Milus Corbett, which is a real accomplishment, given that most of the English characters are one-dimensional villains.

The lone bright spot is Stephen Moyer‘s underhanded and ambitious Milus Corbett, who, like the actor playing him, seems to be the only person having a good time.

Although the reviews have been mixed, the general consensus regarding Steve’s performance as Milus Corbett has been great. It’s of no surprise to us that he’s stolen the show!

September 17th, 2015

Stephen Moyer, Lee Jones, & Katey Sagal Talk with TV Insider


Stephen Moyer, Lee Jones, and Katey Sagal sat down with TV Insider during the Summer TCA Tour to chat about The Bastard Executioner. Steve recalls a cute filming story involving Lee, Katey, and water. Steve also talks about the lucky crew member’s job of ‘mucking out’.


September 17th, 2015

Inside TBX: Creating a Medieval Epic

Tour the sets. Meet the cast. Experience the battles. See how the cast and crew created The Bastard Executioner.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.29.35 PM

Seeing the fake head of the punisher in the video helps to put some of the bloodier scenes in perspective, though I’m not sure if anything will ever wipe my brain clean from the scene of the prisoner having his skin peeled from his back. No wonder Anna Paquin was gripping Stephen Moyer’s hand so tight during the TBX premiere.

Enjoy the behind the scenes footage, including some with Steve.

September 16th, 2015

Preview Clip For Next Week’s TBX


Next week’s TBX is titled Effigy/Delw and Steve’s Milus Corbett threatens to rip someone to shreds. Tuesday can’t come soon enough!

September 16th, 2015

Stephen Moyer Discusses Bum Wiping & his Non-Scripted Scene

While Steve was driving around Cardiff on premiere day searching for a cup of coffee he talked to Mandi Bierly of Yahoo TV. “I’m stuck having to get a f–king coffee in Burger King, would you believe,” he said laughing. We say, whatever it takes to get through the day.

This interview has a few spoilers for those who haven’t seen the premiere, but since they’re on the small side you get no ‘Spoiler Alert’ banner and the decision is up to you if you continue on.


Yahoo: We first meet him[Milus] as he’s counseling Ventris while Ventris is on the toilet. Is that the most memorable entrance of your career, or where does that fall?

Steve:(Laughs) I think it’s way up there, if you’ll excuse the pun. Kurt doesn’t shy away from anything, and as an actor that’s just fantastic. Everything he does, he does warts and all. I like that. I like watching that. I like pretty shows, too, I think. (Laughs) But I tend to go toward the dark stuff. So for me, it’s much more interesting to have that kind of, “Let’s show everything.” Kurt made a joke about that, actually, which was, “I used to get criticized that I never had a character ever going to the toilet in seven years of Sons of Anarchy. That’s the first thing I’m doing.” It’s like, “I’m gonna go straight in on the toilet.” But also, I like the fact that Milus is completely unfazed by it. This is the world. This is what we’re in. We’re running a small country or shire, and so we’re never off. We’re always working. (Laughing)

Yahoo TV: That’s also where we meet the character I like to call the royal wiper (played by Matthieu Charneau). Does he have a proper name in the script?

Steve: His name is Frenchie. My 13-year-old daughter said, “Oh, like Frenchie in Grease!” And I kinda went, “No, not really. No.” (Laughs)

Yahoo: Kurt told me that you and he were talking, and you were the one who said, “I think Milus f–ks anything.” And Kurt was like, “Yes, yes he does. It’s about power.” What is the backstory between Frenchie and Milus and their hallway tryst?

Steve: I’m gonna really disappoint you. There ain’t any backstory. He sees the new ass wiper, and he goes, “I’m going to f— that.” (Laughs) “That looks pretty. That is mine.”

Yahoo: I won’t spoil who Milus is in bed with next episode, but for fans who hope that sex scenes will be a weekly occurrence for Milus, is that where we’re headed?

Steve: I just thought of a great idea that we could see him with Ash’s sheep, his favorite ewe, just to upset Ash. (Laughs) I don’t know. There’s no question that sexuality, sexual politics and sexual power, is very much in Kurt’s storytelling and in his wheelhouse. Our female characters are powerful sexually as well. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but there is a couple of moments where sex plays a part again, and not necessarily in the way that you would think, which is quite interesting.

Yahoo: Let’s talk about Milus’s relationship with Lady Love. At times, as a viewer, you’re wondering if you’ll see any sexual tension, and then it seems as though they’re simply competing for Ventris’s ear. Could we see him try to start something with her now that her husband is gone?

Steve: I have to stress, I do not know the answers, but I will say this: He’s not in the same class as her. So there’s no way that he would immediately think that way because also, it’s his best friend’s Mrs., you know. In the future, it’s going to all depend on how the dice fall for him. He is always playing five or six different hands, if you know what I mean. I think you’ve probably realized he’s looking for ways for Love to be able to secure Ventrishire so that she’s not moved on, as it were. But, does he find her attractive? Yes. Is it something that he hasn’t got his hands on? Yes. Is she going to play back? This is purely me thinking about this: I think when you first meet Love, she is a sort of girl trapped in a woman’s marriage. So it’s going to be the story of her becoming a woman, I think, and working out what that means. A medieval woman, what that means in a man’s world.

Yahoo: I’m wondering if the moment where Milus wipes the bloody blade off on his brother’s clothing was scripted or something that you added.

Steve: It wasn’t scripted. It was something I just kind of decided to do in the moment and Martin, who’s Irish, was like, “You’re not gonna f–kin’ do that, are you? You f–kin’ bastard.” Costume, of course, were very happy with me at that point, but it just seemed so right.

Yahoo: You get to do more swordplay yourself in next week’s episode. What has that been like for you?

Steve: Oooh… When I first went to drama school, I absolutely loved the sword fight aspect of stuff and learning stage fighting. It was really one of the only things that kept me there. (Laughs) I was going to get expelled, because I was a bit naughty, and my teacher went along to speak up for me, bless his heart, wonderful dude called John Waller, and so I managed to stay. This was about two terms in, because it was the one thing that I was absolutely obsessed with. I’d just moved to London and it was party time for a few of us. (Laughs) I was 18. You can drink in London when you’re 18, and I don’t think I need to really carry on with that. But I took lots of certificates and did a bit of teaching of fighting, so part of the attraction of [this role] was I knew that I would have to get to do some, at some point. You’ll see even more stuff coming up. … Any opportunity to fight or jump on a horse, I’m really excited about.

There’s a lot more to this interview, so you’ll want to read the rest at

September 16th, 2015

Stephen Moyer’s ‘Milus Corbett’ is the Man to Watch on TBX

Zap2it was another media interest that interviewed Steve about his decision to attache himself to another full time series. Their discussion includes: sex being used to control others in the show, the pact he and Anna made never to take roles that would separate them, and not signing on to TBX if it had shot during the winter.


Zap2it: What was it about “The Bastard Executioner” that drew you to this project?

Stephen Moyer: I wasn’t necessarily sure that I wanted to go straight into another television series, and that’s not because I didn’t love “True Blood.” I did, but it takes a lot of your time. Even though there were two or three things around that were really enticing, I also had a couple other pieces — there’s some really interesting stuff around at the moment. Then Kurt came along. I wanted to work with him. Here was an opportunity to do something that was in my own homeland, doing something using my own accent. This was all before I read it. It was f***ing extraordinary. At that point I was like, “This is a no-brainer. Just phenomenal.” The character is deep and rich and f***ed up and dark as pitch. Why wouldn’t you?

Zap: Some pretty terrible stuff happens in the pilot that sends the characters in a completely new direction that they were first heading. Where does Season 1 go from here?

Steve: If you look at the fact this character is an executioner — and I’m talking for [Kurt] here, I don’t know — I think he’s fascinated by what would compel you to become an executioner or a punisher. What brings somebody into that line of work in their own life that creates that and makes that happen? What makes people go over the line of decency and morality and become dark, when actually they might be an ethical, moral, clean-living, nice person but in order to move forward they must do this thing? I think he’s interested in the duality of where humanity becomes dark.

With the Lady Love character (Flora Spencer-Longhurst), she’s in a situation where without her heir, without her lord, how is she going to be able to stay within the position of power that she has? Without her, how is Milus going to be able to stay? As we all learn, other people who may have desire for that piece of land — which we will learn is a kind of rich trading land — what will they do to try to get that piece of land now that there’s an opening? It’s about territory, it’s about power, it’s about how far people are prepared to go to bring themselves up. Also there’s a revenge story, there’s a love story in it as well. It’s multi-layered, and there is a lot going on.

Zap: In the pilot we see Milus engaging in sexual intercourse with another man. How does that inform the character and the pilot moving forward?

Steve: For Milus, sexuality is power. There was a control element to that. Anybody that he has sexual power over, he has control over. I don’t think it’s about homosexuality, I don’t think it’s about bisexuality, I don’t think it’s about heterosexuality; I think it’s about sexuality as power. You only have to look at some cultures in our world today where any form of sexual relations between male and female is illegal until you’re married. Within those cultures, homosexuality is a very normal way of expressing yourself until married for men who are not gay at all. Some of the first sexual relations in certain cultures where that is the case. … I feel that that’s something he’s about too. He doesn’t care what it is, whether it’s male, female, dog, cat — he’s a sexual being.

Zap: Are you having any nerves about committing to another series that might run as long as “True Blood” did?

Steve: The honest truth is, for me, and obviously this is personal, but I wouldn’t have done this show in the winter in Wales. My daughter is at school in LA, and it wouldn’t have made sense. The fact that it’s summer, it’s perfect for me. She gets three months off, and my other kids can come anyway because they’re little, my son lives in England; it was perfect. They’re all there now, in Wales.

There’s definitely an element of that that I love. It would be very difficult to shoot exteriors in the winter in Wales anyway, so I kind of had in the back of my mind that it would always be summer, but it means I get to see my family during some beautiful months in Wales. We’re loving it. We’re absolutely loving it.

[Anna and I] made a pact years ago that we would never do [roles that would separate us]. Anna and I have a production company, and we’ve got something planned for Anna that goes in the new year. That will be here [in Los Angeles]. We’ll be here after Wales; it’s great. Hopefully, unless something ridiculously un-turn-downable comes up, I will be with the babies and looking after her while she does her work. That’s the plan.

Read the entire interview with Steve at it’s source.

September 16th, 2015

Stephen Moyer – The Joy of Playing an Evil Character

At some time in our lives we’ve all wanted more than we have and Steve’s character, Milus Corbett, has this desire … to the point of demented ruthlessness. Variety had a short discussion with Steve that touches on some things we haven’t read before. Including, taking classes in sword fighting, and how following each other on Twitter led to a casual meeting in London to discuss the role of Milus … even the casting director didn’t know.


Milus: The man we’re going to love to hate.

Stephen Moyer’s “audition” was a story of Hollywood lore with a modern twist.

Variety: Why did you want to do another series?

Steve: It was totally the plan to rest for a bit. But I couldn’t not do it. It’s just a great part. I just felt like I can’t turn it down — you know how rare these opportunities are. In 25 years of doing this, there are been two or three occasions where something amazing comes along and I’ve missed a couple of them and then I really regretted it.

Variety: And you don’t have to use an American accent.

Steve: No, which is lovely! I’m really enjoying it. What I felt would be interesting for me — coming from my background, which is Essex and a working class accent — is that with his gang, he is where he’s from. When he’s trying to build himself up, he’s a little bit better spoken. He’s more articulate. He’s pronouncing his T’s a bit more. He’s trying to be what he’s not. It’s quite hard to do, especially when you’re filming out of order.

Variety: Why do you like playing Machiavellian characters? Fans of “True Blood” know that your character, Bill Compton, had this trait as well.

Steve: Everyone who does this will tell you they like to do them because it’s much more interesting. I don’t know why they had to come to me, but I’m much more interested in ordinary people who have screwed up somehow and are trying to make the best of the circumstances or are lead down the path that they normally wouldn’t go down.

My character is ambitious – ruthlessly ambitious. He wants the crown and he wants to live the life. I don’t know if we will see in this season or in future seasons where he came from.

You know the character who’s the executioner’s kid? I’m fascinated by him. And not because he’s a beautiful boy, but I really love the kid himself called Ethan and the character called Luca. There’s something about what he’s seen with his dad that I’m trying to sort of bleed into Milus’ life.

There’s going to be some nasty stuff along the way. It has been toned down. There was some darkness they had to take out. When I read it, I was like, “Oh wow. That’s hardcore.”

Variety: Did you enjoy that you got to change your appearance?

Steve: Very much so. I came onto “True Blood” in 2007 having just done a gig (“The Starter Wife”) where I had to be beach blonde. They wanted Bill to be dark and there were a few years there with the hair. But it’s been nice for me. I’ve been like, “I want to look different, I want to sound different. I want to be physically different.”

Variety: And he’s gay.

Steve: He is sexually ambiguous. I’d read it in the pilot. I questioned Kurt about it – not that it would have stopped me at all – but I wanted to know for my character. He said sex is power. I was like, “Aha.” He wants to control stuff. He wants to have everybody and everything and he wants all the toys in his stroller.

Read the entire article at it’s source

September 15th, 2015

Stephen Moyer Destined to Learn Medieval History


Steve joined Lee Jones halfway through his interview with Rotten Tomatoes’ Fred Topel and shared some revealing insights about his character, Milus Corbett’s background. Included, how The Bastard Executioner came on the heels of his turning down another television role, and that despite testing terribly on it in school, he can’t seem to escape medieval history. Below are some excerpts from the interview, but you should visit the source to read the rest of the interview with Steve and Lee Jones.

Rotten Tomatoes: Stephen, were you looking to get into another show?

Stephen Moyer: No, I wasn’t. There were a couple of things around that I was looking at, that I’d been offered. I did actually get very close to doing something else and then I kind of just pulled away because I wasn’t ready to do TV yet. Literally, three weeks later I said yes to this because I was just blown away by it. I really wanted to work with Kurt and at some time had hoped I would. I loved Sons and then suddenly this opportunity came along and it just felt totally right. It was a big decision because I’ve got four kids so it was about trying to work out what we were going to do. Literally, Anna [Paquin] and our babies have all transplanted to Wales and we’re all living in Wales.

Rotten Tomatoes: Once you accepted the role, did you delve deep into medieval history?

Moyer: Luckily, our school system is very different from yours, but when you’re in English school between 16 and 18, you pick three subjects and you only do those three subjects. I did history and English literature, and sociology. It just so happened that English literature those two years was all the medieval plays by Shakespeare and my history level was medieval history. My period that I studied was King John to Henry V. So, I actually know quite a lot about Edward I and II.

Rotten Tomatoes: It really did come calling you.

Moyer: Well, it’s funny but it’s weird. I did terribly in those exams. I was f—ing terrible and yet all through my career, when I first went to the Royal Shakespeare Company, that was the period we were doing. It keeps coming back to it. It’s bizarre.

Rotten Tomatoes: Stephen, do you represent more of the political side of The Bastard Executioner?

Moyer: Yes. I think Milus is weighing up the opportunities that he’s found in his lap. He also has no reason, after the death of Ventris, for him to be kept on really, because Lady Love didn’t bring him in. He was Ventris’ man. So he’s trying to align himself and get himself into a situation where she will need him. He sees in this situation with Wilkin a possibility to use him because he senses something between Wilkin and Lady Love.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the character of Luca, who’s the little boy who becomes his son in this show. In my sort of backstory, I’ve built a sort of world in which my character was perhaps not unlike that little boy who witnessed some horrific stuff and was probably abused by his father and is doing everything he can to rise up and out of what he was and how he was brought up. So he is hanging onto the bootstraps of the people that will get him there — and he’s creating bootstraps where there weren’t any before.

Please visit Rotten Tomatoes to read the rest of the interview.

September 15th, 2015

Stephen Moyer Discusses Filming in Wales

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.58.59 PM

As Access Hollywood slowly releases multiple videos obtained from a single interview done over a month ago in La-La Land, one thing becomes utterly clear … Steve can bromance any male he works with.

This is a fun watch with the boys discussing teeth, learning Welsh, sleeping in their own beds and much more. You’ll probably need to view this a couple times to clearly understand everything being said, or use it as an excuse when you get into multiple views.

September 15th, 2015

How did Stephen Moyer Bond with the TBX Cast?

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 4.07.32 PM 1

Just in case you read lips.

Steve answers the question, but the true pleasure of this video is how Access Hollywood thought Steve deserved the double whammy of bleeping and blurring.

September 15th, 2015

Stephen Moyer Answers Fan Questions on FaceBook

Steve was live on The Bastard Executioner’s FaceBook page answering fan questions for almost an hour on September 15th.  His answers were filled with his usual humour, and respect for others and enough personal information to please his fans.

We’ve got some of our favourite excerpts from the hour long Q&A session, but if you want to read the entire item don’t hesitate to jump on over to the TBX FB page. Steve was nice enough to answer a couple of our questions too, which we’ve added at the bottom of this piece.


This is your Q&A man, Stephen Moyer!

Michelle Hill: Tolsma Outside of working, what have you been enjoying most about being back in Wales?

Stephen Moyer: castles, caves, dragons, food, beaches, walks, people, rugby, forests, pride, family

Kyle White: Being an SOA fan, what is it like watching Katey, Tim and Kurt portray these new roles? I’m sure it’s a fans dream to be so close to them and watching them do their magic!

Stephen Moyer: I’ve got pretty close to all of them, and I still have total fangirl moments.. Kurt is amazing. Katey is beautiful. and Tim is an idiot

Frankie Gee: I love kurt sutters work, but I haven’t heard too much about this show. Can you give me a brief explanation about what your role in this show is about please? It’d be much appreciated

Stephen Moyer: It’s kind of an amalgam of The Return of Martin Guerre, The White Devil, Reservoir Dogs, The Godfather, I play the spoons and dance the can can

Sarantakos Sophia: Hi Stephen, What does TBX mean to you being shot in beautiful Wales?

Stephen Moyer: just so happy to be out and about in the wilds with my kids and my dogs…

Curt Kohl: Stephen, sir, any way of implementing a “”SOOKIE…”” Into your role in one of the episodes??? Lol. Hope you are laughing a little…

Stephen Moyer: will do my best Curt….. not sure how I can do it…. it might have to involve a glove puppet with a sock….

Stuart-Keri Quattlebaum: Hi Stephen! Other than the fact that he speaks with an English accent, rides horses & brandishes a sword, what do you like/find intriguing about playing your character Milus Corbett? Thanks, Keri

Stephen Moyer: Hi Keri – he is of the earth.. grounded. thinks on his feet. always trying to be steps ahead like a good pool player. doesn’t care about being liked, so is deeply not co-dependent, unlike me….

Steve Siggeswick: Are you going to grow your beard out as you progress in the role?

Stephen Moyer: if everything goes well I calculate it will be down to the floor by season 27

Eân Skinner: If TBX becomes a long run success, might you be interested in directing an episode or two?

Stephen Moyer: if they would have me yes….. but it’s a lot of work and the problem is always the prep, which is why toward the end they would give me the first eps of TB. as you probably know Brian Cranston would only ever do the first ep of BB…

Marilena Hartz: Hey Stephen!
Here are my questions to you!
1. What do you prefer: Playing the good or the bad guy?
2. How was your first date with anna? Did you even have one?
3. I’m wondering how old Dave (your dog) is? Do you have other pets?

Stephen Moyer: 1 – not sure. like Milus right now, and in my head he’s a good guy. 2 – I am quite happy with my balls where they are, and if I told you she would cut them off, 3 – Dave is 14 months. Banjo is 6

Daniel Cyrax: Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

Stephen Moyer: now this is a question…. would I have any implements to fight with or am I bare handed?

Daniel Cyrax: Same tools as your character would have in the series

Stephen Moyer: I’m gonna go with the horse sized duck. I would distract him with a giant loaf of bread then take him from the neck then feed a village

Lori Morris: What is going to be the most surprising thing about Milus that Dedicated Moyerist will excited/horrified about? …And when will you be directing Columbia,The Movie, will it shot in Atlanta?

Stephen Moyer: we are working on Columbia.. trying to build a cast and finance and stuff… but Atlanta is right up there… as for Milus… there’s some fun stuff coming up Lori, but I’m not gonna tell ya

Elise Widrig; Just wanted to say that I loved your character in True Blood! How was it transitioning from one character to the other? Can’t wait to watch!

Stephen Moyer: so much fun to be using my own accent. He has similarities.. he looks a bit like me, but of course, Bill didn’t age so he didn’t go grey….

Cynthia Price: Hi Steve, what’s your favourite moment on set so far?

Stephen Moyer: sitting around yesterday in the cold torrential rain for 10 hours singing songs with everyone.

Cynthia Price: Steve, have you had an embarrassing moment on the TBX set you’d like to forget? And of course, we’re not letting you.

Stephen Moyer: I kinda forget my lines a lot. it turns out I’m really old.

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