October 25th, 2016

Will “Safe House” Air in America?

Lots of Steve fans have been asking whether his new series Safe House will be available for viewing in the States. Twitter user, Ƙℯrî, cut to the chase and asked Eleventh Hour Films herself!



Hopefully Eleventh Hour Films will be able to strike up a deal with a US distributor! In the meantime, you can follow Eleventh Hour Films on Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and Instagram! And check out this beautiful banner from Eleventh Hour Film’s website!


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  1. Hope springs eternal!!

  2. I needed to know!! ; )

    1. Glad you asked!!! :-)

  3. Please, please, please, let it get picked up here in the states!
    Thanks for asking, Keri ;)

  4. Well done, Keri!

    1. Thanks!! ; )
      It needed to be asked.
      ~ Keri

  5. You the FAN Keri! (See what I did there?) Thanks I am crossing my fingers…

  6. Please tell us if its coming to the us and when if so so much an fan thanks

    1. We’ll definitely keep you and everyone updated with everything we learn, Marissa.

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