January 6th, 2017

We Are Closing Our Doors


All good things must come to an end, and we (Cindy and Becky) have decided that the time has come to close our site. Although running the site for the last seven years has been tremendously rewarding and has enabled us to meet some incredible people (both online and off), we have collectively come to the conclusion that it is time to move on. Becky has the opportunity to do some extensive traveling, and Cindy wants to focus her time on her family and dog rescue. We are still huge Steve (and Anna) fans and will continue to follow their careers, although without our reporter caps on. We’ll keep the forum around for anyone who wants to drop by and say hello, and may share some news on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

We wish everyone the best and are incredibly thankful for all the support and feedback our followers have given throughout the years.

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  1. Okay so how do you say goodbye to a friend that you have known for years?
    This is going to be a tough one chicks, even though I’ve known it’s been coming it hasn’t made it any easier.

    Simply Moyer, along with BWW, has been a family of worldwide soul mates sharing the love and admiration for
    Steve but it’s been so very much more than that.

    It’s given us friendships that a have transcended the years of TB and onwards.

    The Simply Moyer fanmily and friendships have been with us on our life journey and that is something truly special and unique.

    We’ve shared our pain of Bill’s demise, survived the ELs and moved forward supporting each other through
    personal triumphs, unbearable loss – miss you Nia every single day, and whole lot more.

    Whatever may come in the future, heartfelt thanks go out to Aemac, Sense of Doubt, and going back – TinCar and Citizen Erased, for the tireless hard work put into this site (& BWW too), all the endless posts, the laughs, the tears and the adoration but above all; the support and mateship.

    It’s been one hell of an adventure for which I am forever grateful and will never forget.

    I wish much good health, happiness and continued glamouring to all and hope that we all stay in touch.

    It’s been magic and after all, isn’t everything Moya magic, Simply Moyer sure has been and always will be!

  2. I am so very sad to hear this. As Braz said, we have shared so many joyous and painful moments and there are no words to express the gratitude for all that you have given to this site and to us.

    May your journeys take you to only the best that life has to offer and you will be missed more than you know.

    Thank you

  3. There are no words… many blessings in your futures, you’ve done a great job making us love seeing what you worked so hard to bring us in the past!

    I remember lurking around BWW for awhile before joining in and enjoyed all the time spent there.

    I truly understand the need to move on because life must do so and it has a way of moving us in paths we never saw coming… thank you SO much for all your devotion over the years. I will miss this place for sure.


  4. :( But I get it… And though there won’t be new posts here, it’s not like anybody is going anywhere… not with facebook and twitter and the magic of the internets. We’ll just have to keep in touch in other ways and continue to follow along as Steve takes on new projects!

    Have great fun with the new opportunities and time.

    Thanks for everything!!!

  5. Thank you for your time and committment in keeping Steve’s fans up to date and in touch. You all have never failed to keep it classy when reporting on Steve’s acting/directing efforts as well as your unstinting support of his charitable efforts. Steve is truly blessed to have such loyal and active fans.

    I have always said I was proud to be Steve’s fan. I am equally proud to have known you ladies through this website. I look forward to continuing our contact via Facebook and twitter.

  6. Sorry to hear this, but wishing you both all the best for the future. Life goes on and I will always treasure the fun times we had on the forum.

    Thanks for everything

  7. Thank you for all the support, encouragement and enthusiasm you have given us at Simply Moyer Fan Fiction.

    To say that you will be missed is an understatement of epic proportions.

    You have been a continuing source of all things Moya, reporting and supporting Steve with style and humour, class and polish, enthusiasm and honesty over the years.

    It’s been a pleasure and privilege to be associated with you all in some small way and has made us proud to say that we are fans of not only Steve but of Simply Moyer too.

    We look forward to continuing the relationship via Twitter and Facebook and wish you and all the Simply Moyer “fanmily” health and happiness in the future.

    Braz and Clair ~ Simply Moyer Fan Fiction Admins.

  8. Oh I am so sad to see you go!!!! Thank you for all the hard work you have done on this site, I have appreciated it greatly. This has been my source for all things Stephen ever since I became a mega fan. I am really going to miss it! Good Luck with everything else you are pursuing and once again thank you for this site. I have enjoyed it more than I can express in a paragraph.

  9. Thank you ladies for all your hard work. Enjoy your new adventures!

  10. So sorry to see you guys closing shop, but I can understand when real life takes over. I just want you to know that I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve done over the years. It’s been great having a one stop shop place to find out what was going on width Stephen so I can check out his latest work. Good luck to you and I wish you nothing but the best.

  11. Ladies thank you for all the years you gave use Steve and his world. I was a late comer but I so enjoyed the unrestrained humor on this site; many times this site was my therapy – thanks!

    I wish both of you joy in your future pursuits and will continue to look in on Twitter and Fb.

  12. So sad to hear it…I guess I have to finally get on twitter :-)

  13. Thank you so much to everybody for the kind words. The decision to close up was a difficult one, and is quite bittersweet. Being a fan of Steve’s has been a tremendously rewarding experience, especially in regards to all of the wonderful conversations I’ve been able to take part in, both online and off. I’m hopeful that people will check in at the forum every so often, even just to say hello!

    Becky xo

  14. Thank you for all the talent, time and toil that went into creating and running this wonderful website!

    How long will the site will be up for looking back and reminiscing?

    *Bill/Stephen fan for life*

    1. Probably another month, comptonian.

      Thanks for your kind words! :-)

  15. I just read this!!
    I was wondering where you were and was hoping everyone was ok.
    Thank you for all the Moyer fun.
    Please take care.

    Much Love,
    Keri Q.

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