July 6th, 2014

True Blood Episode 7.04 – “Death Is Not the End” Preview


We all might need a hefty beverage to help us get through the next episode, as it looks like the shit’s getting even deeper for the citizens of Bon Temps.


Ep. 74: Preview
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  1. Thanks for posting. Theres much to ponder and after such a packed 3rd episode.

    Well Steves boxing lessons sure came in handy as he demolishes that wall!

  2. Next week looks action packed!! wasn’t this the episode that took them a really, really long time to film??

    Is it Sunday yet??

  3. I remember mention of the fourth episode. Apparently there is a lot of action, and a lot of blood. Is this the one where Stephen did a tapdance after completing a very difficult scene?

    We are truebies. We are ready for anything they throw at us….well, almost anything…Bill and Sookie must survive. So do Jessica, Jason, and Sam. Oh, and Andy, Adilyn, Holly, and Arlene, and Nicole…

  4. IAM, I don’t think we know specifically when that scene is going to happen, I was under the impression that it was later in the season… but we do know that this stuff for Ep 4 took them a lot longer to film than a normal episode…

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