January 6th, 2014

True Blood Begins Filming

We don’t normally post filming locations, but dammit we were so excited to see any new news about True Blood we just had to share. True Blood, with Stephen Moyer directing the first episode, starts filming this week and permits have been issued for three locations in the Los Angeles area.


1335 Willow St – 1333 Willow St
4:00 AM – 11:59 PM


1327 Palmetto St
4:00 PM – 11:59 PM


939 S Figueroa St
4:00 AM – 11:59 PM


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  1. It’s starting!! It’s starting!!! So exciting, though also quite depressing to think it’s for the last time :(

    I hope we can get some new pics of Stephen in director mode!!

    Thanks for posting!

  2. And here we go…………

    Thanks ladies!

  3. So it begins . . .

    Wishing the Moya and all the cast, writers and crew the best of luck for the final season shoot.

    Rock our world gang and bring it on home.

    It is bitter sweet.

    Thanks chickies as always, updating our Moya and Bill world with all the latest news.


  4. SO exciting to see it begin again! These are great photos and really start the imagination going as to what will happen.
    Since we know it’s going to start off right where it left off, there may be those infected vamps in these photos!
    YAHOO! can’t wait! Thanks for putting these up for us!

  5. I guess this means I can’t live in denial any longer.
    They are actually starting to shoot the final season!

    How fitting that Stephen, the man for all seasons, is directing the premiere episode…go, Stephen!

    Thanks for the pics!

  6. Thanks for the update ladies. The final season is starting…

  7. Exciting …

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