January 12th, 2014

There Will Be No True Blood Movie, Per HBO

No Bill On The Big Screen?

It should come as a surprise to no one that HBO is denying the rumors of a True Blood movie. When Stephen Moyer was interviewed at The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, he told Steven Lebowitz that an announcement would be coming “soonish” about an upcoming project projected for 2016. Even though Steve never said this project was related to True Blood, the reporter interpreted it to be and the news spread like wildfire amongst the True Blood fandom. While we’re still not sure what the announcement will be, and whether it’s about True Blood or not, it sure did lead to some fun speculation. And as we mentioned in our initial report, if the project is Steve-related, we’ll be along for the ride …


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  1. No matter what the project is, TB or not TB, as long as the Moya has an involvement then that is fine with me.

    Can’t wait to hear what it is and am hoping that “soonish” isn’t too far off.

    Rocking it chickies, thanks for the post, the speculation has been fun hasn’t it.

  2. PS…. the pic that you have used, oh my stars ….

    just fangtastically mesmoyerising.

  3. Either way, I think we’ll all be along for the ride :)

    And there could always be a TB movie someday!

    Thanks for posting!

    And I second the notion that that header pic is amazing!

  4. Ah, a taste of Moyer power…no sooner were those words printed and posted than the buzz started and wouldn’t stop. HBO had no choice but to comment.

    They may have issued a quasi-denial, but nothing’s ever written in stone in this business..so who knows what will happen after this year?

    Whatever it is, whenever it is, I echo what’s been said…if Stephen’s there, I’m there, so let’s keep our ears and eyes open!

  5. Well, they said there would be no third Sex in the City movie and apparently there will be….so who knows….I know this…I would rather see a True Blood movie than another SiC movie

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