June 30th, 2014

The Emerys Party “Grease” Style

This photo of Steve and Anna was too funny to pass up. According to Stephen Moyer, the Emerys celebrated Lilac’s 12th birthday in style by holding a “Grease fancy dress party”. In preparation for the event, he and the Mrs. did their research by watching the 1978 movie starring John Travolta. In case you’re wondering, Steve’s sporting a 42D in that dress.

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  1. Now this is the reason why we love this couple, especially the Mr.! They are so normal, goofy and loving and it just continues to shine through all they do.

    Throwing a “Grease” themed party for Lilac? Coolest Dad (and stepmom) EVER! :D

  2. Oh and I almost forgot… Steve looks good with the double D’s!

    I used to have those once but gravity works and now they’re just 42 longs. :P

  3. LOL Wicked! Steve’s are quite perky for their size, but he does stay in shape. ;-)

  4. Love it… I bet they had a great time :) Stephen is definitely a fun (and probably very embarrassing) dad!

    Think he made some PA announcements during the party?

  5. I cant wait for their Halloween costumes this year…

  6. Lilac’s 12…that means she either loved her dad’s dress-up outfit, or she was completely embarrassed…LOL! (No doubt they got pre-approval from the birthday girl!)

    They both look great. Love Blanche’s chimes for PA announcements! Whose closet did they raid for those wigs, TB’s?

    Wouldn’t we love to see photos from the party! Wonder who Lilac was….Sandy?

    Thanks for posting this giggle!

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