June 29th, 2014

The Emerys Coordinate Studs

It’s not what you may think, but it would be funny if it was. Here’s a scan from the July 7th edition of People magazine we hope will put a smile on your face and take you away from all the sad we’ve been laying on you lately. As you all know, Anna was absolutely gorgeous at the True Blood premiere and here’s a 360° of putting her look together. Cutest of all? Steve and Anna coordinated by sharing the same designer for their diamond earrings.


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  1. Nice scan!

    Anna was flawless.
    Of course her best accessory was her handsome hubby.

    Matching earings….:-)
    That’s so how the Emerys rock!

  2. I did love the whole ensemble on her and I know that she must have loved it too. Black and gold are a recurring theme with Anna’s red carpet look.

    Is it weird that Steve in glasses is a particular turn on for me? If it is, I don’t care.

  3. Both of them looked fabulous! Yes, Tabby, Steve is hot wearing glasses, or anything, or nothing at all.

  4. Nice little piece on Anna’s outfit!! I don’t find the earring thing surprising… I’ve noticed before that Anna has sometimes had a stud in her upper ear that looks like it could match Stephen’s. Not that earrings have to be bought in pairs, but sometimes they do :P

    Love the confirmation that they coordinate jewelry :P

    Thanks for posting!!

  5. Our gorgeous Mr Emery in glasses….. absolutely swoon worthy in my book! ( but as Semi says – Steve is ALWAYS swoon worthy)

  6. After watching the latest tease of whats to come on True blood, I have a REALLY BAD feeling about Bill.
    1) The scene where Sookie and Jessica are hugging and crying scares the daylights out of me
    2) All the web activity ( pro and con) about Bill and Sookie ending up together, like its a forgone conclusion, worries me.
    I am freaking out about what will be thrown at us by the writers – who always try do what we LEAST EXPECT.
    3) I keep on thinking about what Bucky said will happen “Romance, sadness, resolution”
    I am filled with dread and I hope like hell I am wrong.

  7. At least you can take some comfort in knowing that they were filming in Bill’s bedroom the very last day of filming :)

    Bill told us last season… he’s not going anywhere!

  8. Oh shel thank you for your calming words. Here I am, a full grown woman stressing over a fictional character on a t.v. show. Unbelievable. Thanks for being a sweetheart.

  9. Steve in glasses? Yes, please!

    I loved Anna’s ensemble. She almost always makes great choices.

  10. What a great page on Anna’s outfit. I loved her entire look, it was perfect!

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