July 14th, 2010

Stephen Talks to Rachael Ray About Nude Scenes, Fake Blood

Stephen Moyer appears in “Every Day With Rachael Ray” magazine this month.

A vampire’s diet may seem simple, but keeping an otherworldly figure is a bit more of a challenge, reveals ‘True Blood’ heartthrob Stephen Moyer.

“I just shot a nudie scene for the third season of ‘True Blood,’ and when I have those, I don’t eat for, like, 13 days beforehand,” the actor tells Rachel Ray in the new issue of her magazine, Every Day With Rachael Ray.

Like his character, Bill Compton’s preference for monotonous meals, Moyer can’t complain when it’s time to whip out his fangs.

“When I drink ‘blood’ on the show, it’s actually sieved raspberries blended with a little bit of pomegranate juice,” he says. “Not a bad deal: Drink your girlfriend’s blood and be healthy, too.”

Off-screen, Moyer is engaged to his ‘True Blood’ co-star Anna Paquin, who recently came out as bisexual in while filming a PSA for the ‘Give a Damn’ campaign, which promotes equal rights for LGBT individuals. The British actor says that Paquin indulges his fondness for curry, which he misses from his days living in London. “Anna loves Indian food as well, so we’ve been searching for a good restaurant, but they can’t compare to the ones in the U.K.,” he said.

So, other than the residents of Bon Temps, who would Vampire Bill want to have for dinner? Moyer says his ideal guest lists would include Paquin, Jack Kerouac to read poetry, Thelonious Monk to play piano and Sarah Vaughan to sing, because when you’re a vampire, it’s no big deal when half of your dinner guests are dead.


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  1. I worked with a lot of British people a few years ago and we went out “for a curry” just about every week. On my two visits to London I’ve found the Indian restaurants to be the best places for a vegan to eat.

    Interesting about the blood they drink. Sounds really tasty.

  2. I loved Stephen in this last episode with his ex-girlfriend.We get to guess whether he is faking his new loyalty or he’s just trying to keep Sookie safe.In the book he doesn’t care about Sookie for a while while he’s sorting things out, in the series, I really think he’s just trying to deal with his new fate.

  3. Really like this picture here except I think that because Stephen has to have dark hair, his eyebrows need to be darker since it would complemnent his features more.

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