September 29th, 2016

Stephen Moyer’s a Good Samaritan

Steve & Chance Photo Credit: @stephenmoyer IG

Steve & Chance
Photo Credit: stephenmoyer IG

By now, you’ve all no doubt heard some great stories about just how kind and gracious Steve is. And now we can add hero to the mix! BuzzFeed ran a piece about good celebrity encounters, and somebody shared a great one about Steve! But should this come as any surprise? BuzzFeed reader katclifford was not only lucky enough to find herself on vacation in Montana with Steve, but she managed to get saved by him!

“I was on a family vacation in a ranch in Montana and it turns out Stephen Moyer was there also with two of his kids. We ended up playing softball together and he literally saved me from crashing into a tree with my horse. It sounds fake, but I promise you it’s not.” Submitted by katclifford

Check out the source for other good deeds done by celebs!

Thanks to Clair for the find!


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  1. He just keeps adding to the reasons to love him x

    1. He sure does doesn’t he.

  2. Its such a great snippet isn’t it about our Moya … another example of what a fangtastic person he really is but then we don’t need any convincing of that do we.

    Thanks chicks for the post.

  3. Yeah totally Braz

    A huge thanks to the SM girls for sharing xx

    1. Thanks for the find, Clair!

      I love these little snippets about people’s encounters with him and how kind he is. We picked a good one! ;-)

  4. Love this item … thanks Clair.

  5. What a lovely little story!! Great find, Clair!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lovely, lovely man, inside and out. So proud to be his fan.

  7. Amen to those sentiments Tabby, and thanks Clair and the awesome ladies at SM!

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