May 17th, 2011

Stephen Moyer Sings Away Your Blues

stephen moyer in bullett magazineSteve’s fans know he has a fine singing voice but we so rarely get to enjoy it! Thanks to The Vault and Absolution Muser here’s a video of Steve channeling his inner Elvis.

The show is 2004’s “Final Quest,” a 70-minute British TV movie set in 1961. Steve plays the role of “Young Danny Duke.”

Just for fun, here’s Steve singing “Hard-hearted Hannah” as Bill Compton from True Blood season two.

Who says it’s a slow news day?

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  1. OMG! That one from Absolution Muser is HOT!!! If that was the path Steve chose back in the day, some of the greats would have had a run for their money. The mans talents never cease to amaze me.

  2. I know, right? Why can we never get a whole song? Steve needs to make a record for us. ;-)

  3. The man can sing like an angel, dance like an angel and looks like an angel. I wish he would put some kind of recording together. I would buy it in a heartbeat. A new fundraiser maybe??
    I agree, Stephens talents are boundless.
    I adore this special man.

    Nothing like waking up to so much Stephen hotness this morning. First I see him all shaggable and sophisticated in a fine suit and now I am serenaded. Sigh!

    Thank you ladies for the great find.
    I’ll go to work happy with his gorgeous face and song in my head!!

  4. I’m tellin ya…STEPHEN CAN DO ANYTHING!! (Many thanks ladies for all you do for us Stephen-lovers.)

  5. Stephen is PERFECTION! Such a multi talented guy! I am in a awe of him! Yes! We need a CD!

  6. The many talents of Steve. I agree with Nothoney. An entire song, a complete dance. Give us more!!!

  7. The casual buttoning of his jacket and the slow walk from the piano threatens to melt my undies every time. Sex on two legs…

  8. What a voice. I hope he gets involved with future projects where his character sings.

  9. Love, love love that vid from the UK TV movie. He looks and sounds terrific – and the Elvis moves – wonderful!
    I guess he’s a real fan, apparantly he had an Elvis impersonator at his 40th B’day bash.
    You’re amazing, Stephen!

  10. Can someone post/obtain video of Glam Stephen singing for Bullet’s magazine video shoot? He is so amazing and mesmerizing!

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