June 28th, 2014

Stephen Moyer Shares True Blood Set Photos, Reflects on Filming Final Scenes in Bill’s Bedroom

As True Blood’s filming wraps up (they finish filming on July 9th), the cast and crew are now in the stages of experiencing lots of “lasts”. Last time filming with a certain actor. Last time filming on a certain lot. Last time filming on a certain set. For Steve, last night/early this morning (or Fraturday, as the cast has been known to call the Friday into Saturday late nights) marked the last time he filmed in Bill’s bedroom. He shared the following photos and thoughts on the occasion:

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  1. Still hard to believe it’s all coming to an end.

  2. Sad it is coming to an end but delighted to hear he was filming a scene in Bill’s bedroom. I like to think it’s a sex scene :) Especially since the sheets look a bit messy

  3. It’s ridiculous that I feel this sad and just want to cry.

  4. Thank you, Stephen, for allowing us to share your ‘lasts.’ It’s sad to see this come to an end, but like many others I agree that it is time. It’s been a great run.

    The SM ladies also deserve a heap of praise for their fierce dedication. Thank you.

  5. Yes I dI’d note the mused covers. Dare we hope that bedroom scene included a certain fairy?

  6. I agree PP, hopefully the tousled bed sheets mean they were used lately….. Dare we hope……??
    Is it to much to remain positive that filming in Bills bedroom so close to the end may give us a happy scene?
    Fingers crossed.
    And BTW, I’ve always found Bills kingly bedroom to have been done in such good taste. Classy, elegant and richly appointed like the man himself.
    Though I’ll always have a fond place in my heart for the old four poster.

    The fact that Steve is sharing this on social media shows just how much he is affected by the coming end of the series.
    I concur. :-(

    Thanks as always for sharing ladies.

  7. I too, hope that Bill was messing up those sheets with the Sookster! I will miss these wonderful characters and this compelling show. If it hadn’t been for TB, I never would have met some of my nicest friends.

  8. LOL, and love back at ya Semiramis!

    BTW, I mentioned in my previous post about how much I appreciated the decor of king Bills bedroom along with what we were afforded of the entire house.
    It was so well thought out. Kudoes to the set designers.

    Of the pictures Steve took and you added here, there was so much significance there for Bill as well as reflecting his love of mythology that we were made aware of as early as S2.

    -The picture of the statue of Anubis, god of the underworld and dead…

    -And what I believe may be a slab of a relief of Theseus battling the Minotaur (Greek Mythology)….half man, half beast….also possibly a reminder to Bill and us the audience of his taking on the Maenad in Season 2.

    Lordy I have loved these associations in this show. Made it all the more fun and meaningful for me.

    I will miss it and Bill terribly….

  9. I really like that Stephen is sharing these last moments with his fans. And as some already mentioned I too hope Bill is not on his own in his bedroom ;-)

  10. Really beyond words right now… just so, so lovely that Stephen is doing this for all of us….

  11. Nia-There is a fond place in my heart for the poster bed as well. I had included it on my “want” list for Bill. So I guess this means I won’t be seeing it again. I’ll live as long as Bill gets to mess up this bed in the last season. What’s with all the conversation on the edge of the bed in the previews?? LOL :)

    I love what they did to Bill’s house as well but if they wanted to roll out the old red couch, I wouldn’t complain.

  12. I hear ya PP!!

    Whatever bed Bill makes good use of is fine by me.
    And if the conversation leads to more… Ahem …. Desired scenes then they can talk their big hearts out first! ;-)
    Then again, only 9 hours left….
    Less talk more making love please!

    And with the red couch, by all means throw in the matching red blanket and pillows!!
    Ahhhh the memories!

  13. Loving all of these photos but it’s so bittersweet to think that this is it for those set pieces… they will be off to storage and spread to other shows and productions and who knows where..

    I hope Stephen was able to smuggle few cool things away from Bill’s house :P You can just tell by these pictures and the commentary how much the show and everything has meant to Stephen, and in turn to us.

    I don’t want it to end :( waaaa!!

  14. Feels like family &friends moving away ! And many of us feel your homes , town , ect are a part of that also ! Will miss fun at merlotts, the love , ,heartbreak, ,humor, at the Stackhouse home ! TThe grandeur, , history, family , the presence , ,you’ve brought, but most of all, the passionate, enduring, never ending love ! To the compton! Home ! Will miss the experience, of living in your world ! But not forget! Thankfully we have the TRUEBLOOD DVD’S to replay &enjoy ! Thank YOU ! TRUEBLOOD !

  15. P.s.there is a fan made video , on you tube , also posted on Facebook, called SHATTERED! it is beautiful, it is clips from show , put to beautiful music ! Best ive seen ! True blood should give it a nod ! I got chills &tears ! Very moveing ! This , is some of the reason we love TRUEBLOOD! Please check it out !

  16. I echo everyone’s words and thoughts. This is getting really sad. Stephen must be very nostalgic about Bill’s house, and I’m sure the bedroom has many “personal” items of Bill’s that he’s fond of.

    I was very pleased in S4 when thy refurbished Bill’s house to suit his monarchy. Still love it. Nevertheless, I will always have a fondness for the old Compton mansion with it’s peeling wallpaper, it’s long-neglected elegance, it’s four poster bed, and it’s LR fireplace and red velvet sofas. Oh, and the romantic bathroom, aglow in candlelight…sigh!

    I hope Stephen gets to keep some little mementos from Bill’s home…which has been part of his TrueBlood home too for 7 years!

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