October 14th, 2016

Stephen Moyer Remembers Splash



Anyone who’s had a beloved pet is sure to know how deeply their loss can affect us. Oftentimes, we’ll come across a favorite food, toy, or in Splash’s case, “wee stop” that will bring us to reminisce about a lost furry friend. Steve’s fans likely recall seeing his loyal sidekick, Splash, with him in several candids back in the day. Steve shared the above photo on his Instagram with a memory of Splash.

Steve and Splash

Steve and Splash

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  1. I remember all the photos that used to come out of Steve at the dog park. First with Splash, then with Splash and Banjo. Good memories! And recently we get Banjo and Dave in the pushup videos!

    I’m so glad Steve and Anna open their homes and hearts to these great dogs. Even better that they are rescues!!! :-)

  2. It’s true. At the most unexpected times something is seen or heard that brings a heart warming memory of my past dogs that I’ve loved.

  3. No truer words… I know even a ‘wee-spot’ can trigger happy memories and I also truly love that Steve and Anna get rescues not ‘celebrity dogs’ as I call them. (Pure breeds with huge price tags, not a bad thing per se but not necessary for a wonderful pet) ;)

    I’m sure the kids love Banjo and Dave… there is nothing better than growing up with good dogs! :D

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