March 19th, 2012

Stephen Moyer on ‘Top Gear’ Tomorrow!

Finally! The wait is over! Steve will be appearing on ‘Top Gear’ Tuesday, March 20’th, on the History Channel and according to Transmission, the ‘Top Gear’ TV blog, it’ll be a wild time.

Actor [Stephen] Moyer, of the Emmy-winning series True Blood, sits down for a chat with Rutledge. Despite an Adam-like propensity for destroying vehicles in real life and on his show, he attempts to channel this aggression into a physics-bending lap.

During each episode, a celebrity is interviewed by one of the three presenters. Discussion is normally amusing, and focuses on car-related matters, such as the celebrity’s car history. Then the presenter and the studio audience watch the guest’s fastest lap on the Top Gear test track. The car used for this segment is a Suzuki SX4 Sportback. Each guest practices with The Stig before making several attempts to complete the test track in the fastest time. The guest does not learn their time until the interview. Practice laps, crashes and the drivers’ facial expressions are also shown during the segment.”

So, get your DVR or TIVO scheduled for 9 pm EST, ‘cuz you know it’s gonna be worth watching over and over … isn’t it always?

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  1. Been waiting for this! There were so many fun interviews with him when he did the Long Beach race – how Anna was gonna get him a racing car, how he loved to race, being naughty and taking the car when he was quite young……. he is so into it and so good. He would have WON the Long Beach race last year, I just know it.

  2. SNA, I have a feeling that he is gonna come out with the top time when he competes! I can’t wait to see the interview with him tomorrow night!

  3. Yeah, I’ve been taping Top Gear since I first found out he was going to be on… I’m with SNA, I think he’ll top the leader-board and I agree, he would have won in Long Beach if the weenies at HBO had let him race!

    Even if he flipped the car… he still had the fastest time! This should be good! :D

  4. I set this up on the DVR when it was first reported he was going to be on…to my suprise I actually enjoy the show and have laughed my behind off more than once watching it. So thanks for introducing me to it.

  5. I’m with you purpleprince … because of Steve, I’ve found a show I actually like. I watch Top Gear every week and will continue to even after Steve’s had his winning turn on the track.

  6. My DVR is RARIN’ to go, just like Stephen always seems to be.

    Ive watched a couple of the British version. Those guys are hysterical. I would assume the American version is just as good. I just wish I had more time to watch the all shows I want to.

    But tomorrow with Stephen is a no brainer.
    Bring it baby!

  7. I’ve been watching Top Gear for about 10 yrs and prefer the British version, but the OZ and US versions are pretty good as they follow the same format, but you just can’t beat Clarkson, May and Hammond Team!

    Fingers crossed that our Steve tops the Leader Board!!!

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