January 8th, 2014

Stephen Moyer in Costume

We’ve got our first photo from the set of True Blood and best of all it’s one of Steve in costume. It was taken with Fallen Star1, the True Blood fan that’s had more photos with the cast than anyone we know. Well done, Woman!

Looks like the photo was taken at the Willow St. location we shared with everyone a couple of days ago. And WTH, the white henley has been defiled with blood and dirt. What was Steve thinking when he directed this to happen? Maybe a little spot remover …


More Truebies visiting with Steve on the first day of shooting season 7.

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  1. Hello handsome!

    Oh my, Bill in a bloody white Henley again. :-(
    Looks like the last season finale will evolve into a nasty blood fest.
    Who will survive??
    As long as Bill does Im good.

    Congrats to Steve again for directing this premier!
    I know it will be fantastic as has all the others he has done.

    Thanks to fallen star and SM for sharing the goodies.

  2. Thanks ladies! Stephen looks great

  3. So nice to see Steve in fan photos and see a Bill shot too.
    Thanks SM for providing.

  4. Lucky fans!! So cool that they were able to get a few minutes with Stephen and some great pics!

    Always great to see him in costume… looking fine as ever.. dirty, clean, ripped, bloody… I’ll take him in whatever Henley they want ;P

    Thanks for posting!

  5. Stephen is being his accommodating, generous self, posing with his fans. Lucky ladies!

    Seeing the blood stains at the neckline of his Henley, I’m thinking Bill made quick work of those feral Hep-V vampires!

    Thanks for posting…it has definitely begun.

  6. Premiere episode of the season finale, setting things up for the rest of the season and for the end… with all the responsibility on his shoulders, the Moya takes the time to have pics taken with fans.
    What an awesome person.

    And fangtastic to see the Henley… but hands off, the Henley is sacred – no holes please we want it intact and its wearer too.

    Thanks to fallen_star1 and all the fans who so generously share the precious moments with us all.

    Rocking it chickies thanks for the first of many more pics to come I hope.

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