October 17th, 2016

Stephen Moyer Helps Promote His Sister’s Shop

Steve and Amanda Emery

Steve and Amanda Emery

Everyone who has followed Steve is aware of how close he is with his family. So, it should come as no surprise that he would help promote his sister new business, Todd Sloane. Steve and Amanda were interviewed by Essex Live to discuss the opening of Amanda’s new shop in Epping, Essex.

Of gift shop and cafe, Steve says, “The shop looks fantastic and of course Amanda is a Brentwood girl.”
Amanda said of her shop, “We sell gifts, accessories and homewares, a real mix of things. There is stuff for children and cool jewellery and all the furniture is for sale. … Everyone who comes in really loves the shop the main thing is just getting to know that we are there.”

We think based on this photo that Steve shared on Instagram that the food looks particularly yummy!

Steve and his mum dining at Todd Sloane

Steve and his mum dining at Todd Sloane

According to the article, Steve has finished filming Safe House and has returned to his home in Los Angeles following a stop-off in Montreal to visit Anna.

Steve added: “Me and my wife have always shot at different times but this time we couldn’t do it. Five weeks ago I flew to Toronto and stopped off for 36 hours to give the kids a squeeze and then flew back but I’m done now.”

Be sure to check out Essex Live to read the rest of the article for some more tidbits about Amanda’s store, as well as what Steve had to say about Safe House. The article also mentions that Steve will be directing in January, a scoop we reported on here.

We wish Amanda every success with her shop and wish we could check it out ourselves!

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  1. Looks like a pretty cool shop :) I love places like that where they have such a mix of stuff, the best kind of shop for browsing!

    Glad to see Steve supporting his sister and to get a little peek into what he’s been up to.

    Now we just need some of his new work to air!!

    Thanks for posting!

    1. I agree about the shop, Shel! It looks like such a cool place to visit, and the fact that it includes food? Count me in! :-)

      The Essex article has a line up of his upcoming projects, so we’re gonna be getting to see a bit of Steve this Spring, I think!

      And I can’t wait to see the photos he and Denis share on social media! The ones they posted when they were scouting in Atlanta last year were a hoot!

  2. Oh Stephen is sure a true gentleman everywhere he goes and does….. He truly Loves his families… Helping them from his heart and always on the move.
    Wishing to meet him and his beautiful family….. Live Laugh and Tons of Love to you and your family..
    With love from
    Cynthia Delclaire Butler

  3. Furniture, gifts and food all in one store? My type of place!

  4. Wish I was in Epping so I could visit Todd Sloane, just sounds perfect.

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