May 19th, 2012

Stephen Moyer Filming in NOLA!

The twitter world was ablaze last night with reports (and pictures!) that Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård, Denis O’Hare, Michael McMillian, Carolyn Hennesy, Peter Mensah, and Lucy Griffiths were spotted on Bourbon Street filming scenes for True Blood!  Carolyn Hennesy also tweeted a photo of her and Stephen Moyer’s finished meals (Steve had a bowl of crawfish étouffée) at Mother’s Lovin’ restaurant.

Looks like they were having a blast!

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  1. My first observation (besides it really does look like they were having a blast) is that a lot of the major players seem to be there, except Roman and Salome. Also, it appears that Pam and Jessica will have their own story lines going on in Bon Temps, as it doesn’t look like they’re gonna have much to do with the Authority. I can’t wait to see what is going on in this scene. It’s bound to be something chaotic!

  2. It does look like fun, SOD. Steve’s on top of the cab’s trunk looking into the window. I wonder what’s going on there?

    One hell of a crowd watching, eh? How come I’m never in NOLA when it matters? Ah hell, being in NOLA any time is a good time!

  3. They look like they are having the time of their lives and good for them! I can’t imagine shooting in this kind of chaos though. Couple observations. If RE is there it has to either do with them trying to get him; unless the differences are settled and they are all working together (unlikely). It’s interesting in the preview that Bill offers that he and Eric will go after RE, but it looks like somewhere along the way a couple Authority members are helping. And Steve Newlin – it’s an interesting place for this newbie vampire to be — hmm. That many hot, powerful vampires in one place has got to be awesome.

  4. Aside from the true blood potential spoilers… it looks like they are having a grand time… and Mr. Moyer appears to be getting a piggy back ride from one of his cast mates…. dare I suggest it’s his buddy Alex? Cause that makes it an even funnier picture :P

  5. Awesome. They look like they are having a great time. The pictures are super cute. What in the world is Steve peeking at, and what the hell size shoe does he wear? Wowza

    Askars would be my choice to use as a mode of transport..his legs are really long, with his height he might even beat the cab. ;)

    BTW Steve could ride me if he likes…I may not be built for speed but I’m damn comfortable. I’m just putting that out there….really I’m just saying…OKAY FINE I’m saying Steve can ride me…Happy now?

  6. If I was out on the piss in NOLA and I saw Bill and Eric running around with fangs out i’d think someone had spiked my drink with something REALLY good. Man, it looks hectic there. Must have been a mission filming amidst all those gawkers.

  7. Nothing like pleasure and work combined! Looks like fun!

  8. Piggy back ride picture – funny. I assume they are goofing off but it would be fun to see Bill drunk on fairy blood hitching a ride on Eric. Imagine the PR mess with a drunk King running around NOLA.

    And the picture of Stephen smiling. Doesn’t it get any cuter.

    Curious as to who is in the cab. Has to be a human. Maybe he is rescuing Sookie again but I would think pictures of Anna would have surfaced. Interesting..

  9. What do ya make of the pic of Steve on top of the cab?

    Fun or rehearsing?

  10. Although he looks like he is doing a Michael Jackson impression in the 90’s Dirty Diana video(i think that is the song, a Prince girl myself haha) in the one picture he appears to be serious in the others his face is almost plastered to the back window and in the other picture he looks to be kneeling during a break in the shot. Knowing that he seems to be a jokester on set could be a little bit of both fun and rehearsing. Although the shot of him rising up on the hood of the cab could be him confronting someone to come out and fight. I am interested in who is in the cab first I thought it had to be a human but then I remembered Russell,Bill,Nan and the stripper in the limo. Maybe Russell has taken Newlin under his wing and they are partying/killing people so Eric,Bill and members of authority decide to make there move.

    Fun to speculate.

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