June 30th, 2014

Stephen Moyer Enjoys His Down Time

We don’t have much info on the photos, except they were probably taken on Sunday, June 29th. But when it comes down to it, we’ve got the most important part … the pictures.

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  1. Hopefully it was a nice relaxing stroll with the kiddos… It’s great to see the pictures where you can really see him listening to his daughter.

    I’m sure they are all looking forward to TB being done so they can focus on family time :)

    Stephen is also looking hot as usual ;) Thanks for posting!

  2. That’s something I’ve always noticed about him, he actively listens to Lilac and looks straight at her when they’ve together. Very engaged!

  3. That’s an excellent description of Stephen, Wanda…”engaged.” He is always fully engaged in everything he does and everyone he’s with. I love that quality!
    Lilac is so tall…I think she’s taller than Anna already.
    Happy Birthday to her, I hope it was a fun celebration!
    Great photos. Wow, is he hot! Those hands, arms, shoulders, everything! He’s lookin’ mighty fine!

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