October 24th, 2016

Stephen Moyer Directs Teaser for “The Parting Glass”

We’re one step closer to Steve’s first directing gig since True Blood and CASM Film’s first ever production.

Starring Denis O’Hare and Anna Paquin,“The Parting Glass”, was previously known by the title, Columbia. Though, Anna will have a starring role, the other three owners of CASM; Steve, Mark Larkin and Ceris Hallam Larkin, will be working behind the scenes. Besides the question, “Can we hope to see this film in 2017?”, we also wonder “Is this film part of the Emerys two year collaboration with HBO?”

No matter what the answers are to these two questions, we’re just thrilled to know we are one step closer to a film not only created by Steve, but one he truly cares about .



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  1. Absolutely thrilled that finally this project is underway.

    It’s been a long wait.

    And yes… have also been wondering if it will be part of the HBO collaboration. Now wouldn’t that be something – a HBO CASM airing, stuff dreams are made of.

    Anticipation already holds no bounds, can not wait to see the finished product but in the mean time ….fingers crossed for some bts shots of our dynamic threesome.

    Chookas for a brilliant hassle free shoot.

    Thanks for posting as always chicks.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Braz. I would love to see CASM, Steve and the Larkins name on an HBO production.

      1. Now that would be something wouldn’t it Aem… a girl’s dream come true.
        Come a long way has our Moya … thrilled for him and for Denis getting his journey onto film.

        All up its a pretty special project.

        A girl is so proud of all of them.

  2. I’m really excited about this! Would love it if this is part of the HBO collaboration!

  3. Ditto ladies! This is exciting news. Stephen Moyer is one busy man, and I for one am so happy about that!

  4. Love this news and when Steve is happy…we’re happy!!!

  5. Like my mother used to say when my brothers and I did something really great,” I am proud and pleased, but NOT surprised” Bravo Stephen,bravo!

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