September 27th, 2016

Stephen Moyer: Day 21 of 22 Day Pushup Challenge


We’ve mentioned it before, but we have been so spoiled by these almost daily videos of Steve doing his pushups amidst some spectacular scenery. Today, Steve fulfilled day 21 of the 22 Day Pushup Challenge. That means that we’ll only be treated to one more video! Steve’s nominee for today was Alec Newman, whom you may remember from The Bastard Executioner!

Honor Courage Commitment, Inc. started the movement back in 2013 after learning the staggering statistics that on the average 22 veterans are killed by suicide daily in the United States. Mental health issues lead to these suicides and stem primarily from conditions such as PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and struggles of transitioning out of the military.

The solution is veteran empowerment. One of the biggest challenges veterans face is finding a sense of purpose after service. #22KILL directly supports veteran empowerment programs that help veterans maximize their talents and understand their value outside of the military.

To learn more abut the challenge visit And, if you would like to show your support, just follow the directions at 22 honor pushups.

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  1. Oh no…almost over :-( Hope Steve has a big finale for all of us…

  2. It’s just beautiful there!

    Is it me, or does Steve’s pushups seem stronger?

    1. I thought they looked stronger, too…and he’s looking so damn good…
      Wales agrees with him :-)

    2. I agree I see more strength and confidence in Steve’s push ups too!
      So nice to see these daily hello’s and what a wonderful cause it is.

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