February 13th, 2013

Stephen Moyer Arrives at LAX

After spending a few days in London, Steve returned home to his family in the US. He was seen arriving at LAX on February 11th.

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  1. How pathetic am I that I get ridiculously excited when new pictures of Steve emerge. Even though I thought most of lady season’s TB sucked, I find myself anxiously anticipating season 6 just to have more regular exposure to Steve. I feel a little less ‘stalkerish.’

  2. Tabby , you are delightful . I think most of us feel the same way. I was wondering if he had been to England lately. He seems to be a very busy person. He looks do delicious at the airport. I guess he needed to see his son. I hope he has a fantastic Valentine Day. I’ll certaimly be thinking of h

  3. I guess I must be pathetic too, Tabby. My feelings are exactly like yours. (This Moyer addiction has lasted longer than I ever thought possible.) What can I say…I adore this man!!
    Oh and lucky Anna.. this and every Valentine’s Day.

  4. Thanks for more Moya magic.

    Great to see the smile and glad to see he got some time over the pond.

    Looking great as always.

  5. Tabby – not pathetic at all, just a woman of good taste, who’s been glamoured by the Moya. Haven’t we all? LOL!

    Stephen looks great! I’m thinking he had a good trip. Hope he got to see family, especially Billy. Wonder if he was mixing business with pleasure…he was looking at real estate last year…then there’s always the possibility of work…hmmm, could be many things.

  6. Count me in on the pathetic wagon too.

    Hes worth the ride!


  7. Waves hands… over here… yet another glamoured, stalkerish fan here. We are after all, intelligent women of taste. He looks so amazing…. relaxed, happy, hot. Sigh.

  8. Hey ya’ll…count me as stalkerish, too.
    I love these sightings…funny how they can improve any day.

  9. Steve scrubbs up well, doesn’t he?

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