October 18th, 2016

Simply Moyer Receives Annual Dinner Invitation


On November 10th, the CLARE Foundation will hold their 19th Annual FRIENDS of CLARE Tribute Dinner. Once again, we’re thrilled to be invited, but sad we can’t attend. This year their Tribute Award goes to Jamie Lee Curtis. As most of you know, Steve received this honour back in 2010, and has continued being affiliated with CLARE by chairing this event every year since 2011, and by being added to the board of directors in 2013.

You can read about Steve’s battle with addiction at clarefoundation.org.


CLARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization and trusted community resource, providing effective and affordable alcoholism, substance abuse and behavioral health treatment and prevention services for nearly 50 years. Experienced, compassionate and specially trained staff help women and men find an end to the pain and suffering that is at the heart of addiction and discover hope in recovery. At CLARE you will find 24 hour residential treatment as well as a variety of outpatient programs that integrates the Twelve Step principles and ten other evidence based approaches, designed to meet each person’s needs and circumstances.

Conveniently located in the heart of Santa Monica, just minutes from the beach and business district, CLARE also offers community mental health services, support for families and prevention education for youth, because we believe the very best treatment is prevention.


The Emerys attend the 18th Annual Friends of CLARE Tribute Dinner in 2015.

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  1. Kudos as always going out to the Moya for his continued support of the foundation and to those that are there to offer help to those in need.

    Thanks for posting chicks, so sorry that you can’t be there too – maybe one day with luck!

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