November 6th, 2016

Shopping With your Daughter – Stephen Moyer Style

If you have kids, especially teenage daughters, you know what the shopping experience can be like and we believe Steve expresses it quite well in this photo. If you don’t end up in a corner sucking on your thumb by the end of the day, your a stronger person than Steve or me.

Steve shared this photo on his social media sites on 11/06..



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  1. So funny!!!

  2. Aw… poor daddy :P Glad he’s got a break to spend some time with the family!

  3. Is Stephen wearing clogs? A dear friend who is a chef, SWEARS by clogs. Stephen is a cutie from the top of his head right down to his clog wearing feet! Just want to say thank you to all the great ladies at HM for keeping us Moyer lovers in the loop. It is greatly appreciated!

    1. I think they’re boots that are in ridiculously good shape!

  4. I can always depend on a dose of adorable food I’m Stephen

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