July 3rd, 2014

More of Stephen Moyer from Muscle & Body

Holy hotness! Muscle & Body Magazine has released some extra pics from their photo shoot with Steve, and they sure are pleasing to the eye! We know that Steve put a lot of hours into working out for Soccer Aid, but here’s to hoping that some of those workout sessions were also in preparation for some sexy time for one Bill Compton. Click here if you missed the interview from Muscle & Body.

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  1. Holy vampire hotness! Yes, lets hope he also got in shape for one last horizontal romp with Sookie (at least one!)

  2. Nice!! Looking smokin’! Love the new pictures :)

    Stephens hard work and devil cardio most certainly paid off!

    Thanks for posting!

  3. This is not the best photography of Steve that I’ve seen, but it’s good enough to show off the results of Steve’s hard work. Lookin’ good, Mr. Moyer!

  4. Wow, that man is in shape!
    My personal favorite is him sitting on the back of the chair…thoughtful expression, beautiful hands and feet.

    ITA, it would be a shame if TB didn’t take advantage of the great shape Stephen’s in by giving Bill some time in the buff…preferably with a certain fairie!

  5. My gods, that man is hot! I’m with you ladies, Steve deserves to show off his body with some Bill Compton nakedness.

    Steve sitting on the back of the chair is my favourite photo.

  6. Oh I agree – he should wear button down sheets, light jeans and no shoes all the time when he’s not wearing henley’s.

    or he should wear nothing at all. That also works.

  7. that’s shirts not sheets ….. where is my mind…..

  8. I agree with you ladies :-) My favorite is the one on the chair too and I hope there will be some scenes on TB with naked Bill :-D

  9. Hello handsome!

    I’ll take Steve any which way I can get him but I really like the contemplativer Emery sitting barefoot on the leather chair.

  10. That’s “contemplative Mr Emery”

    Darn phones… :-p

  11. Lord, he is one BEAUTIFUL man! And the icing on the cake is that he is so sweet, kind, funny and smart and just plain nice.

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