September 27th, 2013

Let’s Write Bill Compton’s End Game!

The news that season seven will be True Blood’s swan song has slowly been sinking in. It is truly hard to believe there are only ten episodes left of our beloved True Blood. Only ten episodes to come to a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion for the vampire who has captured our hearts and taken us for a wild ride. Bill Compton is certainly not a character created for the fair weather fan! With everything he (and his steadfast fans!) have been through, we’re hopeful that Brian Buckner and company have good things in mind for Bill when the final credits roll.

But do we all have the same hopes for Bill? This is where you, the fan, comes in! We’ve asked a few of our forum members to share their hopes for Bill for the final season of True Blood. Think of it as a kind of Bill Compton Wish List. But along with the good, might also come the not so good. So, we’ve asked people about not only what they hope to see happen, but also what they think is likely to happen. We’re trying to cover all the bases, not that anyone can necessarily predict the craziness of True Blood.

The first submission comes by way of Nia. When the phrase, “ask and thee shall receive” was invented, they must have had Nia in mind, as we no more than asked, and she hit the keyboard hard and heavy, creating this amazing piece for us. If you’d love to share your hopes for Bill Compton in the coming season, we’d love to hear from you. Hit us up at This will be an ongoing series that we’ll be running as we all prepare to bid our final adieu to our favorite vampire, Bill Compton. But first, here is Nia’s take on what she’d like to see for Bill …

Bill Compton
The Man The Journey
A Lover’s Reflections, Wishes and Fears

By Nia

It’s the beginning of the end. The end of an era and a shared journey whose affects will be felt for a lifetime, especially by this fan. And now nights of future past filled with dreams or nightmares beckon us. Bill Compton was and continues to be a noble, honorable and beautiful man. It was these very characteristics that plunged him headfirst unwillingly into darkness and onto a path of soul wrenching tragedy and pain. His continuing story lay hold to our hearts.

Stripped of choice, Bill was thrown into a world ruled by night. As a human it was one he never would have believed possible and it now warred with everything he held dear. Brave soldier and fighter, to whom surrender was never an option, combined with a keen intelligence and ever the pragmatist, he survived that initial circumstance. In the years following, we were witness to his determination and strength of spirit, ever proving that the good of the many is paramount over the good of the few or the one.
Circumstances once again steered him onto a more global path to improve relations for humans and vampires alike. With the long years on this difficult mission, love was never an option nor desirable until a fateful day in which it caused him to cross paths with one who would become the true love of his life and his miracle.

Noble, selfless and self-sacrificing, Bill is a man and vampire who by necessity has come to wear many hats: spy, ambassador, philanthropist, king, and prophet, just to name a few. Excelling in each position, driven by noble purpose, duty and justice, and yet it was never who he truly was. Inside he was a man who would live simply by choice, but rare was it that he was afforded that choice. Teased with an eternity of adventures, we sadly now must accept that his journey is coming to an end. The question that plagues us is how it will end.

Will Bill finally find true happiness which he so aptly deserves? Will he be able to live his nights in peace with his miracle by his side? As his fans we desire only the best for this incredible character, but we also must consider that this tragic Byronic hero, this man who will put all others before himself, may not survive the final night.

As we last saw him he was again showing his love and devotion for Sookie by offering her his protection while not requesting anything in return. The path of Lilith, which he followed for a short time, drove him away from Sookie and he had found it again necessary to put the needs of the many above himself as well as the one he loved most. Riddled with melancholy and regret over words he had previously exchanged with Sookie, Bill could not celebrate with the vampires he ultimately saved being it was that which drove Sookie away. Tormented with the knowledge that while under Lilith’s influence he had failed Sookie, Bill then sought the help of others and together they saved her from the dark path that he himself encouraged her upon. It is obvious that he will now make her safety and happiness paramount above all else.

Bill fits the persona of the true Byronic tragic hero, with the added twist of being beyond human. He strides the edge of a knife, straddling two worlds, his humanity warring with the vampire, the good man at odds with the dark. What seems as flaws or weakness is merely made manifest by the strength of his humanity. It is a contradiction but creates a recipe for tragic consequences, which he acknowledges and makes reparations for. It is my deepest desire to see Bill happy, but I have always believed this can only be achieved with his true love and soul mate by his side. So it is my wish that Bill and Sookie reunite in the end.

As the new threat mounts, and danger approaches, Bill will once again fight, never running away or backing down from a challenge. Danger abounds and must be overcome, but as one obstacle is hurtled, there seems always another to take its place. Will there be a favorable end? I am sure I speak for many as to our highest hopes for Bill in this final journey. I will share with you my own wishes as well as taking a furtive step onto the dark side.

In a perfect Bill world:

  • Bill had, with the help of Hiro Takahashi, attempted to find a synthetic blood to help vampire’s day walk, perhaps he will once again work to find a cure for the “mutating” Hep V virus that threatens his kind, and thus also protecting humans in the process. Maybe it will be Louis Pasteur this time who Bill will solicit for his services.
  • Once again Bill will (Ive lost count how many times) save Sookie from danger. It seems his lot in unlife. Whether it be from a gaggle of rogue infected vampires or from another threat, supernatural or not, Bill will be there for Sookie. I just hope that this time she will actually acknowledge his efforts and sacrifice.
  • It is my deepest desire for Bill and Sookie to finally have a proper discussion about all that has happened between them, good and bad, these past few years and that she will finally have a better understanding of all he has done for her and others.
  • I hope Bill hears from Sookie herself that she loved him at first sight, and not from someone else. And she comes to realize that the words she said to Arlene hold as much truth for her relationship with Bill as well: “He loved you since the second you walked into his life. Not too many people can ever say that they were loved like that.”
  • I wish for Sookie to find the beautiful engagement ring with which Bill proposed to her. I hope it will prompt her to remember and acknowledge his love for her as well as hers for him. Perhaps the ring was safely nestled away with the lovely lavender dress, briefly forgotten but not gone. How lovely to see her again wear both for Bill.
  • I want to see Bill make scorching beautiful love again, as he did in Seasons one and two, with his Sookie. Since Im a greedy wench, I also wish to see him in all his glory, naked as the day he was born human.
  • I wish for Bill and Sookie to finally take that trip to Vermont and marry as they had first intended. Niall will stay on the human plane long enough to witness this and tell Sookie that as he watched over her and Jason, he knew and approved of Bill from the beginning. His last words to Sookie being, 
“This vampire you love is a good man.”
  • With his love at his side, Bill will continue to negotiate for peace, tolerance and equality between humans and vampires. He will be prompted to write a sequel to his previous novel, “And God Bled”.
  • The new title being, “And God Wed”.
  • I hope that Bill and Sookie can together find Hadley and Hunter. Should anything untoward have happened to Hadley, they will adopt Hunter, and in the years to come they will be surrounded by grandchildren through him.
  • I would like to see Bill officiate at Jessicas and James wedding. Bill was after all a king and former prophet, getting a ministers license should be a snap. James seems to have qualities that Bill would recognize and appreciate. Bill would approve of him for his daughter.
  • Following a dream of his, Bill will go on to teach history and literature night classes at the local college, and occasionally tutor elementary age children.
  • Bill and Sookie become God Parents to Sam and Nicole’s baby.
  • It’s very possible Bill may be coming to the Bellefleur family rescue monetarily. Arlene seems to be frivolously spending her insurance money and may make some bad financial decisions and/or put her trust in a shady accountant. Old Mrs. Bellefleur seems to be suffering more and more from dementia and may soon pass. She could leave a myriad of hidden bad debts behind. If in need, I have no doubt Bill would give them all a helping hand, most importantly because they are kin, but also he will always carry a heavy heart over the death of Andy’s daughters.
  • I can envision Jason, Sam, Andy and Bill fishing together and honoring Terry’s memory, the humans each raising a Raging Bitch Beer, and Bill a True Blood. They then will release all the fish they catch.
  • Lastly, and this is purely wistful thinking. I have a vision that Sookie may use the last of her fae light to somehow only destroy the vampire in Bill and leave them both human to live and love in the sun, a true Happily Ever After, the perfect fairytale ending…….

And yet both being human is not necessary for their happiness. They can love as they have as fae and vampire, for it is merely an obstacle, granted a bit more unusual from what other lovers may face, but such obstacles can be easily overcome when the hearts are willing, for rarely do we ever encounter a perfect world, only perfect intentions.

Perfect dreams are what we all wish for but rarely do they ever come true. Life in every aspect can take a turn for the worse at the drop of a hat, or in this case, a fang. The dark side should not be discounted. Tragic heroes stay mostly tragic no matter how much they strive for happiness. The reality of True Blood is in its darkness spattered with only occasional humor. Rarely does anyone stay happy for long.

Can this trend be broken in the end? Will we be afforded their true happiness together? Or will these two star crossed lovers, Bill and Sookie, be forever apart, death, true death or other unforeseen consequences stealing their happily ever after. As much as I dislike this worst case scenario, the possibility exists that Bill may meet the true death in the end to save his beloved Sookie. Bill has never shied away from meeting the true death head on in any form when it came to Sookie. He has braved the sun, snubbed his nose to those more powerful than himself, and even denied his own huge heart, all to ensure the ideal of her happiness in the sun, and to perhaps find another who can father her children and she can live the dream of bouncing her own grandchildren upon her knee. This Bill has and would do again for Sookie in a heartbeat even though it’s been claimed he has none.

For all he is, for all he has done, and for all he desires to be, Bill lays claim to my heart now and always.

Ode to Bill,

“Bill Bill, Where for art thou Bill
Deny thy maker or god and refuse their name
Or if thou wilt not be but sworn my love
And we will challenge eternity together”

My thanks to Shakespeare, he would have loved Bill.

All my best hopes for our Southern gentleman vampire Bill Compton, I look forward with bated breath to the next and final installment for our handsome hero.

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  1. Very well said, Nia… Your wishes for Bill & Sookie sound great to me! Thanks for outlining such a great future for our friends in Bontemps, and tempering it with very possible fears for our Bill!!

    My only complaint is that you make it hard for me to come up with something new to write about Bill ;) Good thing it’s a long hiatus and I’ve got plenty of time to think!

  2. No worries, Shel, I’m sure you’ll come up with something using that wonderful mind of yours.

  3. the true blood ending will be if pam & bill were a vampire romantic couple.also if sookie went back to the fairyland to live with a fairy guy. or maybe eric will be a romantic couple with pam or with his new baby vampire !.

  4. Well, Lemor, get busy and start writing your ending. We’ll post it for you.

  5. Lovely! Thanks, Nia!

  6. Thanks chickies for giving us a chance to voice what we would like or fear will happen to our beloved Bill.

    And Nia…. hugs, lol couldn’t have put it better. We do so think alike.I keep going back to the season 3 conversation… the “what if things were different” conversation in the car on their way back from Fangtasia ~ had always thought that was there for a reason for it and even though we have come a long way since then, and our lovers are so far apart…. nothing is done in the TB world without a purpose.
    So fingers crossed – Bill teaching and Sook a wealthy real estate agent, both human and with children, in that little white picket fenced house that the Moya mentioned recently … well who knows, stranger things have happened on TB haven’t they.

    Beautifully written… kudos.

  7. Nia,great essay on your wishes and fears for Bill Compton! I loved that you included so many previous moments of Bill and Sookie and gave them resolution.

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to see Sookie in that lavender dress, wearing that diamond ring?

    Your worst fear is mine too. I’m going to focus on those happy alternatives.

    Beautifully written with love for our tragic hero…Thanks!

  8. Ladies, you never cease to astound me with your creativity and ideas.

    Nia — WOW… you made me cry for wanting all you have described, and amaze me in your ability to pick words right out of my heart and say so beautifully what are my greatest hopes and wishes for our character.

    I’m definitely going to have to think on this. This is a place where I would feel safe revealing my thoughts; although there is no way in the world that I could say it as beautifully as you have.

  9. What a brilliant idea. And what a brilliant first essay by Nia. Love your ideas for Bill and I just hope desperately that your worst fear, which is also mine, doesn’t come true.

    I’m also holding out for the little house with the white picket fence. After all if Season 5 taught us anything it’s that literally anything can happen on this show.

  10. Beautiful. Hopefully BB and company are reading.

  11. Yes Nia, now I don’t have to watch season 7 because this is the ending I want, anything else will just piss me off!

  12. Nia your Bill ending is superb! I especially love Sookie finding her engagement ring and lavender gown from Bill; wouldn’t that be special and put them back on track to a reconciliation (A Bill fan can wish).

    Thanks SM for this end series, enjoying it immensely.

  13. Oh Nia….WONDERFULLY WRITTEN!!! Do you write fan fiction? Oh how I’d love to read a good fan fic with your wishes coming true!! <3 Nia…or anyone? Is there hope? Because honestly I can't see the writers letting any of that happen. Sadly. *sigh*

  14. From your lips to Brian Buckner’s ears, Nia darling!

  15. Well you ladies are just all kinds of wonderful!
    Thank you for your kind words. I know that as Bill lovers we are on the same page. He is so worthy a character.
    And I sincerely hope that all our good wishes for him come true.

    When I was asked to do this I sat down late one night and literally had this done in about 2 hours. When it comes to Bill, my heart is always overflowing, and that's exactly how it flew out of my fingertips.

    I have no doubts that many of the fine writers here will also have no trouble letting their own love shine through in their words. I look forward to reading them all. This will help the long hiatus go by more quickly as we begin the sad goodby to True Blood and Bill Compton. Though may he live forever in fanfiction. :-)

    To Aemac and Sense of Doubt, you did me honor when you asked for my thoughts, Ok, "essay". I felt like I was back in school ;-) thanks for that, but especially for allowing me this forum to give my voice wings.
    You gals rock.

    Anyways, you know me, Im a giver.

  16. Great job, Nia !

  17. Thanks VampireVixen!

    Thats very kind. I appreciate you reading my essay. Im pretty sure it speaks to all Bill lovers.

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