July 3rd, 2014

Last Night of Filming for Stephen Moyer or Sad Post #24

Sad, but true … Steve spent his last night EVER filming on the True Blood set. He shared a number of photos from his last visits to different departments including a picture of a triple shot latte elephant. And needless to say, like Todd Masters, we’re all going to miss Bill Compton too!





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  1. :( No!!!

    So sad!! I hope it was a good night of filming but it’s hard to know that it’s over! I’m glad Stephen has been sharing the end with us!

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Awe, the FX guys will miss Bill Compton too and one of them is wearing fangs. Too cute.

    Steve must be so close to all the crew, its not just hard leaving his beloved character but this little extended family as well. Knowing Steve though they will all remain friends.

    The last night of filming and probably triple shot lattes too…

    Ill add a sad face too shel :-(

  3. I wanted to add a big shout out to the lovely Mr Emery for including his friends and fans in this last journey with him to the end of TB.

    And of course to the ladies here for their continued hard work and dedication in sharing everything awesome that is Stephen, Bill and more.


  4. Oh dear :-( Stephen finished filming … and now it is only 8 more weeks and we will never see Bill Compton again on TV :-( Very sad :-(

  5. I cannot imagine a world without Bill Compton in it!

    This is just too sad! Stephen must be having conflicting emotions right now….anticipation and excitement for all he has planned in the future, and real sadness for leaving TB and Bill behind. After all, he has said more than once that he loves Bill. So do we. I am going to miss him terribly….thank goodness for DVDs!

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