July 6th, 2014

Jesus Gonna Be Here & I Found You Recaps – Bill Compton Style

Jesus Gonna Be Here & I Found You Recap by Mary

Here we are, in the midst of season seven, and this is my first Bill Compton episode recap … unbelievable! Two episodes have gone by already, and we’re almost at the third. I think I’ve been procrastinating even more than usual, not wanting to face the fact that these are the last 10 episodes of Bill, ever! No sense denying it any longer. Here it goes.

We last saw Bill in the season six finale. Six months had elapsed since the Governor Burrell/Lilith/Warlow crisis when Bill approached Sookie and Alcide in Bellefleur’s parking lot. He offered Sookie his protection against the HepV vampires. But Sookie, following Alcide’s lead, rejected his offer, citing his history of being untrustworthy. As the finale ended, Bill and Alcide had just caught the scent of a band of marauding HepV vampires making their way toward Bellefleur’s, and the townspeople gathered there.

The premiere episode of season seven opens with the ensuing battle in full swing. HepV vampires are attacking humans, feeding on some, kidnapping others. Sam and Alcide both shift as they pursue a vampire carrying off Nicole. Bill is fully in the fray, as is Sookie, using her light energy to ward off attacking vampires. Arlene, Holly, and Jane Bodehouse are taken. We see Tara fighting off a very large vampire, bent on making her and Lettie Mae dinner. The sound of a piercing whistle ends the battle in an instant, as the attacking vampires disappear into the night. Standing in the midst of the remaining death and destruction, Bill and Sookie look at each other, the remnants of the bloodbath all around them.

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  1. I love your Bill-caps Mary. Like you, I really hope that Bill and Andy can come to a place of peace regarding what has transpired. And naturally, I’m really hopeful for a reconciliation between Bill and Sookie.

  2. Thank you Mary for your time and labor of love to give us all Bill recaps! I’ve always loved them!
    And you’re spot on with everything.

    “These two men, joined by tragedy and grief”

    How true are your words regarding Andy and Bill. Both suffering the loss of children as well as knowing the importance of family. I love their interactions and hope they continue to work their way to a friendly coexistance.

    Then of course there’s Sookie who remembers her first date with Bill and is starting to realize she can no longer fight her heart. Hopefully a foretelling of the future.
    And yes, wherever Sookie is concerned will always involve Bill.
    These lovers belong together, it will be a handwringing journey for us watching their story continue to the end.

    Thank you also SM for posting and the awesome Gifs.

  3. Well worth the wait Mary. I just love your observation about Ep 1 and the interaction between Bill and Andy. Sometimes I’m waiting for this obvious moment in this final season where a given character’s arc is brought to this incredible conclusion but these scenes told me differently. For our Andy, he has truly come into his own both as a man and as a sheriff, shown to us with perfect subtlety. That was so well reflected in both the first two episodes. As you, I would love to see Bill and Andy in a good place with each other. I believe Bill is a good man and I want him to in the end be reconciled with himself and those he loves.

    The gif’s are perfect, especially those where Sookie is reading the diary and recalling her date with Bill. I think so many of us were doing the same thing and to have that be part of her experience was more of a connection than I’ve felt with Sookie’s character for a long while.

    Yes this is the end and we are so uncertain about where they will take our wonderful Bill; but as frustrating as parts of these first two episodes has been… there is a distinct feeling in the air of coming full circle.

    Thank you — well done.

  4. Thank you Mary for this wonderful recap and the beautiful gifs. I really really hope all this means it’s Bill and Sookie in the end.

  5. Thanks Mary!

  6. Well done, Mary… Your Bill-caps are always great! Here’s hoping tonight’s episode will give you a lot more to write about!!

  7. Thanks so much, ladies. I am sorry these were so late. I wasn’t prepared for just how difficult it was to get started. Guess I’m having trouble accepting that the episodes are going to fly by, like it or not. I’ll try and do better from now on.

    SoD, your GIFs are amazing! Wow! They add so much to the recaps. I love seeing Sookie and Bill in Season one!

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