December 30th, 2013

Jessica Hamby Gets a New Boyfriend … Sort of

For all you lovers of the Jessica/James relationship in TB land this little spoiler might not make you happy. The character of James will still be returning for the seventh season of True Blood, but he’ll be played by an actor other than Luke Grimes. And, according to TVLIne, the scripts have James going in a completely different direction than last season.

Luke Grimes, who played Jessica’s vampire boyfriend James in season 6, will not be returning for the final season, though his character will.

According to TVLIne, Grimes has left the show over differences in the “creative direction of the character,” and as a result HBO is now recasting the role for the final season.

It seems that Grimes’ initial interest in the role was to work with Deborah Ann Woll, with whom he costars in the upcoming film Forever, but the initial scripts for True Blood season 7 had a completely different direction for James. However, don’t feel too badly for Grimes as he has already been cast in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film as Christian Grey’s brother Elliot.


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  1. Sorry that Luke won’t be continuing on in the role of James. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Jess and James and thought that his character had heaps of potential to develop.

    Just wondering if this mean that opens the door for a Jessica / Jason reconciliation? Can’t wait to see what is in store for them all.

    Wishing Luke good luck in his future career, he will make a fine Elliot though….

    Thanks for the post chicks and for all the hard work bringing us Moya and TB goodies over the year.

    Wishing you all and all the Moya Tragics a happy and healthy 2014.

    Let’s rock it.

  2. I liked Mr. Grimes’ portrayal of James. He and DAW had good chemistry, and he was kind of hot in that laid-back, California surfer way.
    Good luck to him in all his future endeavors.

    “A completely different direction?” That surprises me. I wonder what James will get into?

    I imagine they’re scrambling a bit now, having to cast James quickly, since I’m sure he’s in the first, or at least second, episode.

    Ah, showbiz. Always something unexpected popping up!

  3. HMMM – mixed feelings. He was good in the character, liked Jessica and James as a couple.

    At the same time he’s come late to the party; and is not a major player so it seems a bit inappropriate to object so much about the “direction of the character”. Particularly when some of the other characters have made major shifts, and the actors have risen to the challenge & played the shit out of it.

    And this group seems such a family, perhaps he simply didn’t fit into it and it’s best for all. Wish him luck.

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