November 20th, 2014

Is There Anything Stephen Moyer is Bad At? A Stephen Moyer Interview – Part I

That was one of the questions posed to Stephen Moyer during a Skype interview conducted on Wednesday evening. Steve spoke on a variety of topics that we’ll cover in the days to come. When we learned that we’d be granted an interview, we asked Steve’s fans on our forum if they had any questions, and they came rolling in. Steve graciously agreed to answer a few before signing off.


What’s better than this?


Question by fellow Brit, Templar Lady: What’s the most interesting or fun car you’ve ever owned?

Steve: The very first car I ever had. I bought it when I was fifteen and you can’t drive until your seventeen in England. It was an old Mini and it didn’t have an engine and so over the next two years me and my dad polished it up and shined it and got rid of the rust spots and did stuff like that. Had an engine rebuilt and put into it and I still think that car was very much a part of me. I also had a beautiful old 1972 BMW CS which I LOVED! Ah … but Splash, he tore all the seats up and the kids were climbing all over it and they wrecked the fucking thing. So, I eventually let that thing go.

I’ve got something coming that I’ve been working on for a year and half with a mate and it’s just taken forever. it’s an old Chevy that I’m just excited about, but …

Simply Moyer: Have you done much work on it?

Steve: No, I’m not doing anything on it. I’m not doing anything to the outside of it, so it’s all happening indoors. It’s new engine, new suspension, new chasis, new blah, blah, blah … everything. But the actual outside is going to look just like it was when I bought it.

Question by Catherine: Name three things you’re really bad at and probably always will be.

Steve had to really think about this one.

Steve: I’m very messy. And that’s just part of who I am. Umm … Oh my. It’s a great question. Ummm …

Steve chuckled when we mentioned his fans must be right … he’s perfect and that’s why he’s having difficulty answering the question.

Steve in his "Mr. Messy" T-Shirt, San Diego, 2009

Steve in his “Mr. Messy” T-Shirt, San Diego, 2009

Question by Pat: You just found a magic lamp with a genie. What would your three wishes be?

Another tough question for Steve.

Steve: There’s some stuff happening with the family. There’s a couple of things I would reverse right now. There’s one diagnosis I would turn around. And there’s a couple of friends of mine that have gone over the last couple of years I’d definitely reverse.

It’s all family. About protecting my babies, about shielding the people I love and making sure they get the great there is to get in this world. It wouldn’t be anything for me.

If I could go back 20 years, I wouldn’t have given up the piano when I did. I had this beautiful old dude called, Claude Hutchinson. He was my Jazz dude who taught me piano and he died in ’96. I would reverse that and I would be able to transport myself to his piano stool and I’d be able to sit next to him like we did. He was like 80 and the most spectacular human being and funny as fuck. And, he and I would just sit next to each other and laugh and laugh and laugh and play piano and I’d quite happily … I’d love to sit next to him for an hour a week.

Question by Shelhill: Favourite childhood book or story?

Steve: I’d go with one I absolutely love now. Which is called “The Tiger Rising” by Kate DiCamillo. I read it with Lilac a couple of years ago and it’s beautiful! I loved that! I was a massive Huckleberry Finn fan when I was a kid. And Spiderman. I’d go with “Tiger Rising” right now.

Simply Moyer: There will probably be a rush on that book in the next couple of days.

Steve: It’s unbelievable! It’s brilliant!

Steve then warns us he’s only got two minutes left, as he has to go get his missus.

Question by Mary: How much influence does the director have on the editing process?

Steve: Not as much as you would hope in television. You get four days, but ultimately it’s up to the producers. In film, a lot more ‘cuz you get a couple of months, but still it’s the studio. There’s only about five directors that get final cut, so you can shape it the way you want it to be, but you don’t get final say.

Question by Rhonda: Pick only one food you could eat the rest of your life. What would it be?

Steve: My Nan’s meat pie, that I used to fuckin’ love! My mom’s lasagna, which was awesome! She cooked it the last time I was back … it was fucking amazing!

Steve shares an analogy: There’s a great dilemma about chicken pot pie. Have you ever had that? Somebody makes you the best chicken pot pie you’ve ever had in your life, but you have to eat it for the rest of your life. Three times a day, every day for the rest of your life or, you get hit over the head by a two by four. Right? It fucking hurts! You see the person doing it … they smash you around the face with the 2 by 4. You spend three months in a coma in hospital. You wake up, you have to have reconstruction surgery and you spend three months learning to speak again. Eventually after a year and a half, you’re going to be okay and you’ll live through your life normally as you were. What would you take? Would you take having to eat chicken pot pie for the rest of your life or getting hit by the 2 by 4 and having a horrific 18 months, but then you’d be able to eat anything you wanted.

I’m going to leave you with that ‘cuz I’ve got to go.

Interview. Saying goodbye

A wave to all his fans!

We apologize if you didn’t see your question here, but there’s more conversation to come and it might be included there and … the wife was waiting.

What’s to come? Steve’s got a message for his fans and … jammies or no jammies?

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  1. So finally we have the proof that we are all right… apart from being Mr Messy.. the Moya IS perfect.

    Way to go TL and Pat with answers to your questions.

    Awesome interview chicks…. can’t wait for more!!!!!!!

    1. LOL, hmmmm, it would be fun to get a bit messy with him, eh Braz!! ;-)

      And yes! Bravo Temp and Pat!

    2. Loved this one!!! Let’s all get messy with Steve!!!

      1. Knew you would like that one P :)
        Way to go RL and Mary too!

    3. Oh Braz…I keep thinking about rolling around in mud or chocolate sauce which adds an entirely new dimension to Steve’s innocent little messy comment, doesn’t it?

  2. Fantastic fun Q&A, worth the short wait ladies, now go get some rest.

    And yes, he is perfect.

    Enjoyed it all but what touches me most is this answer:

    “Its all about family and love”.

    Thats a man to admire.

    ok, now im dying to know the answer to the jammies question…

    1. Also love seeing the photo of Steve and Anna
      again. Loved why you must have chosen it.
      Hes got his “Messy” t-shirt on.

  3. Aww! What great answers to such fun questions!! I’m sure it was a very entertaining interview with Stephen… and of course we understand that he can’t keep the missus waiting :)

    Looking forward to hearing more about what you guys talked about!!!

    Thanks so much for including us all!!

  4. All I know is … If I could make a beautiful #ChickenPotPie for Stephen, it would be my pleasure & THE Most Scrumptious Creation I have EVER made! ;-P
    Loving this ladies! I am reading all of Stephen’s responses and hearing his Brit accent;) LOL! He’s Absolutely Fabulous…! x
    Can’t Wait For More….:)

    1. Would you make a scrumptious chicken pot pie for me, RL? xo

  5. This is just wonderful! Such fantastic,thoughtful questions, with answers that gave us even more insight into this terrific man!
    I teared up reading his answer to Pat’s question. He had spoken at another time about his friend Mr. Hutchinson. What a beautiful gift he gave Stephen…and it’s certainly informed who Stephen is today…a loving and responsible man.

  6. Isn’t he just adorable…..

    That Mini sounds like one my sister used to own. I once had to move it when she was in the bath and I opened the door, started the engine and drove it off the driveway. Later it turned out that I’d used the key for the petrol cap!

    I could probably have used a hairpin……

  7. Questions were fabulous! As ony he can make them , thanks for letting us read them

  8. Great questions and answers! Looking forward to reading the rest. Thanks ladies (and Stephen!)

  9. i’m speechless but that will pass. stunned awe of him. thank you ladies. thank you

  10. Steve was very thoughtful with some of these questions and VERY animated. I dare say, people are prolly used to not standing too close to him in fear of being hit by flying hands. ;-)

    After sharing the ‘chicken pot pie’ analogy, he had a huge grin on his face and seemed quite pleased and rather proud to share it.

  11. Hey Steve…I make a great chicken pot pie!!!

  12. What a great interview everyone, I’m so happy that so many questions from so many of you ladies got answered. Stephen is so good with his fans.

  13. Still feeling *happy* about this interview ~ thank you so much!

    Stephen is an absolute dream…!

  14. Just love the questions and answers and the pictures – keep the beard!!
    I think everyone understands and agrees with his 3 questions from a genie; your loved ones health is happiness.
    My hubby had a 3.0 CS but a bit older model and was that a charm to drive plus a beautiful car – Steve knows his cars.
    Looking forward to more coming…

    1. My hubby and brothers rebuilt an old antique ford truck and it was such a fun thing to drive. I could feel my biceps harden up every time I took it out on the road…no power steering in that thing…

    2. Agree about the beard! :-)

  15. The diagnosis thing looks serious, he also mentioned it in TB premiere. I hope everything turns out well

    Crossing my fingers for some projects updates!!! I really want to know if The Pink Hotel is going to happen.

    1. Yes, the diagnosis comment got my attention. Hope it’s nothing too serious.

      1. I agree. I’m hoping things work out for the best, whatever the health issue is. I immediately thought of his parents. He’s fortunate to still have both his parents, but it doesn’t matter how long you have them…you want them to be well and happy forever.

  16. Great questions and answers. He never disappoints with his answers. Thank you for this great interview. Looking Forward to the rest. Oh yes, I will call him Mr. Messy from now on ;-)

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