December 31st, 2013

Happy New Year!

Twelve Months of Steve

2013 was an incredible year in Stevedom. With True Blood coming to a close, we’ll all be waiting with baited breath to see what endeavors Steve chooses to take on in the coming year. Here’s to a fantastic 2014 for Steve and the entire Emery clan. And Happy New Year to all y’all too!

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  1. Love the montage… gorgeous pics, every single one of them but then what’s not to like.

    Wishing the Moya, the missus and the whole family a wonderful year ahead where ever life takes them.

    And chicks… once again thanks to you both for your tireless efforts keeping us up to date with all in the Emery / Moya world.

    As it is already 2014 here down under a happy new year to all Steve and Bill tragics…. lets rock the world with our adoration for the Moya.

  2. Happy New Year to all in Stevedom and yes 2013 was a great year.
    My highlight was going to the Hollywood Bowl and seeing Steve perform in “Chicago”; I got to see him on stage for the first time, be with my sister who lives far away and share our True Blood fan-ness (it’s so special with a sister), and meet other Stephen Moyer fans including ladies from this site – memories for a lifetime.
    Thank you ladies at SM for all your hard work in bringing The Man a bit close to all of us.
    Health and Happiness to all in 2014 and as all of us want a satisfying resolution for our beloved Bill Compton.

  3. Another year of Steve!
    Nice selection of pics ladies, everyone a winner.

    Like you callonmebill, seeing Steve live in “Chicago” was fantastic and a definite highlight for me too.

    All the best to Steve and Simply Moyer for a great 2014.

    And fingers crossed for good things for our Bill Compton. Both men deserve the best.

  4. Tell me who couldn’t love that face :)

    Happy New Year to all the ladies who visit this site and the forum.

    Hoping 2014 is a great year for Bill!

  5. Happy New Year to everyone here, to Stephen, Anna, and their family too!

    Gorgeous Moyer montage! Mmm, mmm good, all around…what a handsome man, what a great sense of humor, what a generous person, what a talent!

    2014 will bring great things his way, I have no doubt. It will be so much fun to watch and see all his new endeavors!

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