July 5th, 2014

Goodbye Cake for Stephen Moyer

We know, we know … this gives us a tremendous case of the sads too. As was reported a couple days ago, Steve filmed his final scenes ever (damn, is that painful to type!) for True Blood during the wee hours of Wednesday morning. It should come as no surprise that he was presented with a going away cake by the cast & crew. There’s no doubt that he will be greatly missed, and from countless reports, was a pleasure for all to work with. And with Steve’s fantastic sense of humour, it seems only fitting that he would be presented with one of True Blood’s behind-the-scenes rituals, the Toad of Shame. Wonder if he wore it around his neck for the day?

We'll miss this man, too!!!

Later last evening, Steve also went into his own explanation about the “Toad of Shame” and posted this to his Facebook page:

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  1. Just so this wasn’t a ‘goodbye’ to Bill as in Bill met the true death. This final season is gonna make me such a Nervous Nellie!!! :-(

  2. It does make me wonder if this indicated Bill met the true death. I hope not.

  3. I’m not taking this as a hint for Bill Compton’s future at all. I think they figured they were being cute using Bill’s past missing flyer. It better be anyways!

  4. My greatest fear is that Bill will finally prove his love to Sookie by giving up his existence (meet the True Death) to save her or something terrifying like that.

    I really understand SOD… I’m really freaking out. I’m like, “Yay! It’s Sunday and True Blood’s on!” :)

    Which then immediately turns into, “Shit! True Blood’s on and there’s only ‘X-number’ of them left before its over for good! :(

    I think this is going to give me an aneurysm before it is all said and done.

    Cripes. :(

  5. Argh….

    I think about it at least once a day and have to talk myself down. I don’t want or need Bill to be sacraficed for any reason, including to be a hero for Sookie. My TB experience would be very much dissatisfying if this happened.

    Bill deserves better!

    Ranting over :)

  6. Just curious – anybody know what you are the scarecrow in this situation means? Is it a saying or is it a inside joke?

  7. I’ve been pretty accepting of the end of true blood until I saw this. It makes me incredibly sad that TB is coming to an end and this group of exceptional people with their exceptional talents will be scattered to the wind. I won’t lie, there have been seasons when I was ready to chuck it in, but Steve, Anna, Alex and the entire cast kept bringing me back. Thank you, Stephen and the entire cast and crew for sharing your talents and yourselves with us these past seven years. I won’t forget you.

  8. That everyone loves Stephen is no surprise.

    Big thank you to him for giving us the perfect man and character in Bill Compton.
    I’ve believed that every actor is born to play one ultimate role that will always define him, that was Bill for the remarkable SM ( though so many other characters he’s played have been endearing to me)

    Though I look forward to more wonderful things from this man in the future, Bill will always own a big part of my heart.

    Like so many if you I worry about the fate of Bill. He deserves much happiness and love.
    If he were to meet the true death saving the love of his life, I’ll be disappointed that he didn’t get to live his days with her but also satisfied that he would have gone the true hero we all know him to be.

    Thank you again Stephen. I hope the cake was deliculious!!

  9. I’m sure it’s just for him being done and has no bearing on the outcome on TB. I wouldn’t be surprised if they planned it out so they would be done at staggered times just so they could do stuff like this and probably so Anna is the last person filming… It would be a good bookend to filming along with the series.

    It’s a great cake though! Toad of shame is pretty awesome :)

  10. I’m pretty much at the 50/50 point regarding whether I think Bill will survive the season. I think Steve would have been given a cake regardless of Bill’s outcome, though.

    I’ve got to agree with Tabby, in that there have been quite a few times when I’ve been a bit frustrated, but have stuck it out because of Bill Compton, not to mention my admiration for SM and AP. I’m glad to have made it “truetotheend”!!! :-)

  11. Like everyone else, I am very nervous, but if this were really a reference to Bill’s end on the show, and he had met the true death, wouldn’t it say “In Memoriam” or “Rest in Peace”? You’re not “missing” if you’re dead. Or so I’m telling myself.

    Regardless of how TB ends, Bill Compton will live on for me as one of the most memorable fictional characters I have ever known. Echoing Nia’s sentiment, this was the perfect marriage of character and actor. No doubt SM will go on to more great achievements in front of and behind the camera, but Bill will always be special.

  12. What is the toad of shame? Somewhere along the way I missed this.

    This is getting more and more real, closer and closer to the real end. Can’t go there yet… at some point it can’t be avoided but that’s not today.

  13. Agreeing with all sentiments expressed here. I knew I’d be sad at the end of this epic saga, but I didn’t realize the emotional impact would be felt so soon. I cannot believe how sad I’m feeling looking at that cake! This is just so mind boggling. How is it that he has finished filming, and has had his farewell cake already? I can’t even imagine the last episode, and it’s only seven weeks away.

    Stephen’s Bill Compton will remain my icon of the vampire-with-a-heart forever.

  14. Will miss this site as much as true blood ! This has always been my go to place tokeep up with my favorite, actor , s.moyer, vampire , bill Compton! &and favorite , true blood ! As you always , let us in on other things , all tru blood ! Couldnt have been closer to the pulse , of bill comton , than this ,! Will truly morn WILLAM (BILL) THOMAS COMPTON! THANK YOU ! FOR THE NIGHTS I’VE SPENT WITH YOU ! EACH SUNDAY IN SOOKIE! WORLD !

  15. We’re not going anywhere, shelia! At least, not that I’m aware of … :-)

  16. OMG :-( It makes me very sad to see this fabulous cake. The toad of shame story is quite funny :-D More evidence that cast and crew had a great time at work!

  17. I hope Stephen enjoyed a huge slice of that cake. Nothing sweet about it for me, I’ll miss Bill C so much.

  18. Oh this is so sad, but trying to remember all the wonderful 7 seasons to celebrate. Stephen did such an incredible turn as Bill Compton and I don’t even want to speculate just enjoy each episode as they play and hope he makes it to the end.

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