November 29th, 2014

Future Projects: A Stephen Moyer Interview – Part III

Since this is a time of Thanksgiving, we’re doubly thankful at Simply Moyer that Steve took time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed. In this installment from last Wednesday’s Skype interview, Steve shares about how busy his production company, CASM has been keeping him, as well as whether he’ll be working with Stan Lee in the future …

CASM films

CASM Films – Ready to break into the market!

Simply Moyer: You’ve been very busy this past month.

We expect Steve to jump right in and  start discussing his filming of “Killing Jesus” and “Concussion”, but instead he jumps into talking about CASM projects. We imagine CASM work is either on his mind or quite likely keeping he and Anna very busy behind the scenes.

Steve: You know, we’ve(CASM) been trying desperately … well not, desperately. We’ve been trying to get some of these projects off the ground. You know, we’ve had our company for six years now and there’s a lot of stuff that we have. There’s one project in particular that we’ve had for the whole time. We keep getting close to doing it and then … not. It’s actually got quite close this year and it’s obviously now going to be next year. That one’s exciting. We get close and then something else happens and another job comes along.

We’ve got a few things that are about to kick off. We’re pitching things to HBO, ‘cuz we now have a development deal with them. I haven’t gotten anything exciting to tell you as of yet, but we’re getting closer and closer.

Simply Moyer: When you pick up a book for enjoyment, in the back of your mind are you wondering  … is this book a future project? Can you pick up a book and just enjoy it?

Steve: Yeah, you can. There’s a moment about fifteen or twenty minutes in where you just go, nah, and then you just read it for fun.

Simply Moyer: You’ve mentioned in the past a possible project with Stan Lee. Is it still happening?

Steve: You know, I thought I might be able to tell you something today, but it’s kind of moved in the opposite direction, and I’m really gutted.

It’s not done. If it’s up to me and Stan, we’d already be shooting. But unfortunately it’s not. It’s a real disappointment, and I’m not giving up on it, but it’s an English thing and it means going back there for six months, which is all very well, but it’s a long time. It’s because of that, that the contract and everything around it … it has to be right to spend that time doing it and …

A number of times during the above conversation Steve was interrupted by ‘Markie’ on matters of importance, including Anna needing to be picked up. It only took seconds and Steve was right back in the mix. Steve generously went over the allotted scheduled time and even gave a reminder to not forget the fan questions we planned on asking.


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  1. Can’t wait to hear more about CASM & their future projects with HBO. Especially excited because we recently “cut the cord” and watch everything through online streaming services and in 2015 HBO will launch its own Stand-Alone online streaming service to compete with Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon. Looking forward to reading more of your interview with Stephen!

  2. Glad to hear Stephen and Anna are staying busy with CASM… and bummed that the Stan Lee project is sort of on hold… but I hope they get it going still!!

    He’s still keeping things pretty quiet though, despite everything he said… just little teases!

    Looking forward to more of your interview! :)

  3. I gather Stephen’s being careful not to say too much, and I guess that’s the wisest choice. I’m sure Stephen, and CASM, will be able to get some projects done next year, but it must be frustrating when things get delayed for one reason or another.

    The Stan Lee project would mean going to England for six months? Wow, that’s a long time.

    Here’s hoping we see the fruits of Stephen’s labors sooner rather than later. Good luck to him!

  4. I find it very telling that Steve is hesitant about going to England for six months. Even though it’s home … it’s not.

    It is a shame that the Stan Lee project hasn’t worked out yet, as Steve seemed quite excited by it a few months ago.

    Can’t wait until we hear about a project with HBO approval … now that will be exciting for me!

  5. I sure hope that Steve’s projects include him in front of the camera!!!

    1. We know of at least two upcoming projects in front of the camera, Piper! (The Concussion film and Killing Jesus). Here’s hoping for more!

      1. Hey..SOD…I know about those but I want more…much more…
        I wish he’d get a more substantial role…

  6. Loving your interviews with Stephen & looking forward to CASM projects on HBO. We recently “cut the cord” and we’re excited that in 2015 HBO will offer a stand-alone streaming service, similar to Netflix!

  7. I definitely get the ‘wanting more’, Piper! :-)

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