October 27th, 2016

Final Mix for “The Parting Glass” Teaser is Completed

Stephen Moyer took to Twitter to thank Tunnel for the use of their facilities and for colour mixing CASM’s teaser for The Parting Glass. Steve didn’t have to drive far to reach Tunnel’s facilities as they’re found in Santa Monica on the 3rd Street Promenade … that could almost be considered working from home.

In return, @TunnelPost also shared their pleasure in working with Steve. Nothing new there, eh folks?






TUNNEL has provided Digital Intermediate and other Post Production services to nearly every major distributor as well as to a prolific number of producers and production companies.

Located in the heart of Santa Monica on the 3rd Street Promenade, on the corner of 3rd and Wilshire Blvd. In 2010, TUNNEL moved into its current 15,000 sq. ft. facility that hosts state of the art technology for the creation of film, TV and web content.

The facility boasts two brand new theaters for finishing and screening services along with five times as many client bays as housed at our previous facility. Stage ‘A’ can host as many as 50 people for screening events and is outfitted with the newest technology in sound and viewing, which makes it the largest DI theatre on the west side.

The new facility also has expanded restoration services, film recording, scanning services, motion graphics and allows TUNNEL to continue its innovation along side software development team GoDigital. See the above gallery for facility offerings.

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  1. I love how excited they are about this project! I love how excited I am about this project, too! :-)

    How cool that the three of them will be working together again. I can’t wait!

  2. Love getting more updates on this film!! Really looking forward to the teaser and more behind the scenes peeks as they get rolling :)

  3. With every update I get more excited.

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