July 2nd, 2014

Extra Segment from Farewell Show

We figured that there was probably more interview footage from the Farewell to Bon Temps show, and this little segment released on True Blood’s YouTube channel proves us right! Check out as Brian Buckner goes into a little bit more detail about what to expect in these final episodes.

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  1. Hopefully along the way some more of these pop up.

    What I am hearing is under all the vampire,shape shifter, fairy and werewolf drama is the love story between Bill and Sookie. Or am putting words in his mouth? :)

  2. I hear it, too, PP :)

    Also love getting another brief clip of Bill… I can’t wait for some more Bill screen time! Hopefully he and Sookie will finally have a chance to actually talk to one another.

  3. Greg Fienberg: “Creatively it had come full circle, its time to tell the end of the story”

    Bucky: “People will feel this was a love story at the end of the day”
    “The finale is daunting and satisfying”

    This keeps me hopeful for Bill and Sookies love story.

    Im so excited for more Bill and Sookie together, working towards each other while also towards the greater good.
    And I agree they need to have some alone time to talk things out.

  4. I know what you mean, ladies. We are so cautious about making any assumptions. But I don’t see how it can mean anything else. There is only one love story that has been present for 6 seasons…Sookie and Bill. So I am very sure that BB is saying this will be about them. I am glad.

  5. Amen to that!

  6. When Bill says to her “I have to live with the memories of what I’ve done to you forever” the look on his face is heartbreaking. Yet, it makes me happy that is is finally getting to talk to her and say that to her. Which means that she will finally have the chance to forgive him and (hopefully) ask for forgiveness herself. Then their relationship (love story) can start to mend.

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