June 29th, 2014

Do You Have a Question for Stephen Moyer?

If you do, EJ Scott might be able to help you out. EJ has a regular podcast in which he has interviewed quite a few of the True Blood cast, but talking to Steve may definitely be a coupe on EJ’s part. Send your question of Steve to @EJPodcast or @ejscott and hopefully, it’ll be your question you hear Steve answer. And even if it’s not, Steve never disappoints. Don’t waste time, as we don’t when the interview will happen.

Check out EJ’s previous chats here.

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  1. I have a question. Where does Stephen think he would be career and personal life wise if he had turned down the part of Bill Compton on Trueblood?

  2. If a person has no acting classes under their belt. Is there any chance someone could break into acting? Would they need to be in Hollywood?

  3. When was the time you fell in love with Anna

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