January 9th, 2014

CBS News with the Emerys

With Free Ride premiering tomorrow in theatres in Los Angeles and New York City more videos of Steve and Anna discussing the film are showing up on the web. This one from CBS News is hard to hear, so turn up your sound and put your ear to the speakers, ‘cuz what Steve has to say at the beginning is another grand example of his sense of humour.

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  1. “An extension of how we met.”

    The family that works together stays together right?
    Though Steve and Anna seem to have no problem either way. <3

    So happy for the Emerys and glad to see CBS sharing the wealth.

    Love the vids ladies. Keep em comin'.

  2. It’s unfortunate for us that he would find it strange “doing it” with someone else ;)

    Another great little snippit of interview. It makes me very happy to see them together, and knowing that they are able to work together so well and so often. I’m going to miss True Blood so much, but I know we’ll still be seeing lots of Stephen and Anna on project together in the future :)

    Thanks for posting!

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