February 14th, 2012

Bill & Sookie on Dread Central’s Top 10 Horrific Couples List

It seems Dread Central knows what’s hot and what’s not and Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse are HOT! It’s not anything that Bill/Sookie shippers didn’t already know, but it sure is nice when we all see it in print. Sorry Eric & Sookie fans, but unfortunately, you’re favourite couple didn’t make the list.

Hell yeah, we're hot!

“True Blood” (2008)
Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse

For those of you irate over the exemption of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from this list, here’s the adult version of the duo. The way I see it, “True Blood” is nothing more than Twilight for grown-ups. As readers of Charlaine Harris’ The Sookie Stackhouse Novels know, things don’t always work out for the best for Sookie and Bill, but viewers of “True Blood,” especially the early seasons, can’t argue the red-hot chemistry this pair has on screen. It seems when Bill is around, the once awkward Sookie has immense trouble simply keeping her clothes on. Delivering one steamy scene after another, this on-screen couple (Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer) got wise and decided to tie the knot for real in a ceremony in 2010. If their home life is anything like we see in “True Blood,” I’m guessing not a lot gets done around that house aside from a whole lot of “testing the springs in the coffin,” if you know what I mean (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).


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  1. All I can say is: agree, agree, agree! and yes, we did know it all along.

  2. Yep. Absolutely no surprise here!

  3. Loved the ‘testing out the springs in the coffin line.” It is the stuff of my daydreams.

  4. Sookie Stackhouse isn’t the only person who has a problem keeping her clothes on when Bill Compton is around. Crossing fingers there is plenty of naked Bill in S5!

    And Tabby I’m with you!

  5. Congrats to our sexy couple. Without a doubt, the best of True blood.

  6. Ya I don’t care what anyone says, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have CRAZY HOT chemistry on TB….Bill ain’t perfect, and Sookie can drive me up a wall, but the truth is the two of them together are SMOKIN’….The Eric and Sookie shippers can keep dreaming cuz I don’t think those two will never have that.

  7. No,surprise! Congrats to our favorite TB couple.

  8. BTW, have I mentioned how much I love that photo?
    Not just crazy hot chemistry but Soulmates!

  9. Of course no surprise….that love confession was on of the best love scenes <3

  10. Love that pic. love what Dread Central had to say and can I say I would also love to test some springs, lol!

  11. I’ve never seen chemistry between two people so off the charts. Loved this piece from Dread Central.

  12. I so agree about the chemistry, aemac! Nothing will ever compare, as far as I’m concerned!

  13. There is just no way to deny chemistry when it’s right there for all the world to see. ELs may rant and rave about Eric and Sookie, but nothing comes close to the heat generated by these two!

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