February 13th, 2012

Another Authority Figure Cast for True Blood Season 5

Peter Mensa has been cast as Kibwe, a Chancellor for the Authority, who’s working towards “mainstreaming” the governing body of vampires. He’ll have a recurring role, so we can expect to see him attempting to rehabilitating prisoners instead of enforcing strict punishment.

What do ya think? Friend or foe to Bill?

Peter Mensah from "Spartacus"


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  1. Yet another great looking guy to join the TB cast. He is a wonderful actor and has really shone in his Spartacus role. He should be fun to watch.

  2. only one word comes to mind – FIERCE!!

  3. I’m gonna go with friend of Bill, if he is part of the Authority who believes in mainstreaming. Exciting stuff!

  4. Hopefully friend!

    That man has some serious body!

  5. I liked this guy on Spartacus, he played Doctore. I think I’ve seen him in other stuff, and he seems to play men with a sense of morality. I am going to go with friend to Bill on this one, hope i’m right.

  6. I hope a friend to Bill. He is fantastic in Sparticus.

  7. He and Bill will be on the same side. I like that.

  8. Love this guy!! Love Spartacus!!!

  9. I think he and Bill will be on the same side and if he is involved with the mainstream movement he might be the one that spares Bill and Eric’s life when Christopher Meloni has to produce sentencing

  10. I say possible friend to Bill.

  11. He just epitomizes strength and intimidation. I am hoping he is a friend to Bill, and makes good use of his formidable assets!

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