January 9th, 2014

Anna Paquin: “Dude, Go and Do Your Thing.”

E! Online has released another video from their interview with Steve and Anna taken on December 6th during Free Ride’s press day. As always it’s a pleasure to watch the Emerys interact and this time you get to listen to them discuss what it’s like to send each other off to do love scenes with others.

Click on me to watch!

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  1. Great to hear the Moya talking about TSOML…. we are proud of his part in the show, yep monumental is a pretty fitting way of putting it.

    Way to go Moya.

    Thanks for the post chicks, rocking it.

  2. Another really great video… they are so cute together in interviews, and it’s nice to see just how much they ‘get it’ when it comes to supporting each other in whatever the scene requires.

    You can really see they enjoy each other and like trying to make one another laugh :) Happiness!!

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Am I weird for watching videos multiple times and picking out different discreet parts to focus on each time I watch? The facial expressions in watching, the hands in another, Anna’s expressions in a third his mouth in a fourth and so on. It’s a little sick I realize, but the man brings it out in me.

    I am awaiting season 7 with hope and dread and find it unbelievable that there will be no more True Blood. Steve, I already miss you. Oh well, I guess that’s what DVDs are for.

    Thanks for the post, ladies.

  4. @shelhill- I so agree they are so cute together plus Anna is stunning as is he and love hearing Anna’s Kiwi accent surface in the interview.
    I say and I may be repeating myself but this should be a drama school class on “How to be an Actor and Live in the Real World”. LOL

  5. It’s pretty obvious these two people love and support each other, are honest and open with each other, and share real intimacy. They are truly together!

    Thanks for posting! Such a treat to see them.

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