Stephen Moyer in Trinity Year: 2001

Director: Gary Boulton-Brown

Synopsis: If you are going to play God, be careful who you play with. In a remote arctic research station, government agents Brach and Schiller discover the mysterious genetic scientist Dr. Clerval.

A psychological chess game ensues. Trinity is a cult sci-fi psychosexual thriller which, through a tightly plotted story, examines how easily we can manipulate and be manipulated by the ones we love.

Using genetic engineering as a metaphor for the atrocities committed in concentration camps, Trinity explores the potentially disastrous consequences of searching for perfection in the human form.

Trinity is a UK/Canada co-production which was completed in the first half of 2001, but not released until autumn of 2004, and then only in Belgium and Holland. It sometimes seems like the world’s most sought-after and mysterious film.

Role: Brach

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