The Caller

Release date: 2011; UK DVD Release: October 24

Director: Matthew Parkhill

Synopsis: Some very weird things start happening to troubled divorcee, Mary Kee, once she finds an old telephone in her apartment. The phone’s antique allure calls to her and she gives it a home. Before long strange calls from the past begin to ring the antique phone. As Professor Guidi gets to know Mary, he tries to help. She feels haunted in her own home and when she discovers the calls are coming form the past she tries to break off contact. Only one problem, the caller doesn’t like being ignored and plots revenge in a unique and terrifying way. From the director of the internationally acclaimed “dot the i,” “The Caller” is a chilling supernatural thriller in the tradition of “The Grudge” and “The Ring.”

Role: Professor John Guidi, a Puerto Rico-born math professor who tries to help Mary Kee.

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