Stephen Moyer in Quills Year: 2000

Director: Philip Kaufman

Synopsis: Quills – Based on an adaptation of the Obie award-winning play by Doug Wright, who also wrote the original screenplay. The show is inspired by the life of Marquis de Sade, an infamous writer of the 18th Century France. He is notorious for writing books about sexual situations. He is incarcerated for unmentionable activities. The show reenacts the last years of the Marquis’ incarceration in the insane asylum at Charenton. His books are secretly published after he smuggles his last writings out of the asylum causing things to go wrong inside the asylum. This may be the end of Marquis.

Role: Prouix: the Architect

What Stephen Moyer says about Quills:

“Geoffrey played the Marquis de Sade and never ever went out of character, and that was extraordinary.”

“The thing I’ll always carry from Quills was watching the Cricket Test Series with Michael Caine with plates of food on our knees. He had a satellite dish on the roof of his Winnebago. I was very happy, I have to say.”

Quills: The Marquis on the Marquee Video Documentary

Steve appears at the 1:20 and 2:43 marks, approximately.

The Marquis on the Marquee – Quills by dreamy_rushie

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