entrusted Year: 2003-TV Movie

Director: Giacomo Battiato

Synopsis: A brilliant 11 year-old chess player is kidnapped by the Nazis who plan to use him to entrap his mother, Maria Von Gall. Maria is a courageous women running an underground railroad for Jews in France. They plan an exchange for the boy and things go awry, a hail of bullets rain down on his mother and he watches her die. The boys American father, David Quatermain (Stephen Moyer), who he has never met before comes to his rescue and plans to flee with him to Spain. However, Maria entrusted Thomas, her little pawn, with a precious secret which turns into a terrifying mission. A pawn, an important piece, may die trying to strategically advancing through the enemy’s ranks – but can never retreat.

Role: David Quatermain- An American father who help his son, whom he has never met, through a terrifying mission.

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