Stephen Moyer in Deadlines Year: 2004

Director: Ludi Boeken

Synopsis: Alex Randal (Stephen Moyer), a young reporter on the make, decides, without knowing anything about the situation, to go to Beirut on October 23, 1983, when he hears a radio report about suicide trucks exploding on both an American base and a French base, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of soldiers. Seduced by a gifted and enigmatic photographer, Julia Muller (Anne Parillaud), Randal finds a capitol torn by civil war, where political, financial and strategic interests intertwine.

Role: Alex Randal

What Stephen Moyer says about Deadlines:

“It’s rare to read a script and feel that you absolutely must play the part, and in fact, that’s exactly what happened when I read the script for Deadlines. I loved it. Ludi offered me the part of Alex because he had seen me in the TV movie Uprising, about the revolt in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II, and I felt right off that he trusted me. I threw myself into the role with a passion I had never felt before. I didn’t really know much about the war in Lebanon, so I began by doing a little research on this period in history.

Alex is a naive young man who finds himself plunged into an extremely complex situation in Beirut. He thinks he knows everything, but in fact, he knows nothing. As the story unfolds, Alex comes to realize that the more he learns, the less able he is to change the course of events. However, he can perhaps have some small influence on things if he acts for the right reasons, and not just to further his own career. He is the one who changes after having lived through this experience. He will never be the same.

My reporter friends had never succeeded in explaining their jobs to me, but this film taught me how journalism actually works. I was amazed at how many facts must be gathered and checked before publishing an article. I always wondered how reporters find and use their sources, and was fascinated by this work.

While the hero of the film is American, we also see an American military officer selling his own country’s arms, so the film has a few anti-American overtones. But he wasn’t the only person corrupted by this war: everyone got a slice of the same cake.

Shooting a film about a war in the Middle East in Tunis (Turnisia) at the same time another war was erupting in the same region, this time in Iraq, was a very special experience, very intense. It galvanized our whole crew.”

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