Waking the Dead

Stephen Moyer - Waking the dead - undertow

Year: 2005 (Season 5, Ep 5- “Undertow”)

Director: David Thacker

Synopsis: Prisoner Steven Hunt is serving nine months for Benefit Fraud, and he’s about to get out. The team are convinced he’s a serial killer, and set out to solve the murders he committed in the past. But with nothing other than coincidences and hunches can they prevent him from beginning a killing spree? Hunt is released and Boyd has him tailed. Under the noses of his police tail, Hunt drowns a girl at the local baths. There is no proof that he has done this so Boyd releases his name to a journalist hoping that media coverage will give the team something to work on. The journalist arranges to meet Hunt and is murdered, this time there is evidence to pin the crime on him but before they can arrest him, Hunt’s father, finally convinced of his son’s guilt, drowns him in the bath.

Role: Steven Hunt – Prisoner

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