The Secret

Year: 2000- TV Movie

Director, Colin Towns – Composer (Music Score), Alan Pyrah – Cinematographer, Ray Marshall – Producer, T.R. Bowen - Screenwriter, Catherine Cookson – Book Author

Synopsis: Based on a novel by Catherine Cookson, this period drama concerns Freddie Musgrave (Colin Buchanan), who, as a young man, fell in with a band of criminals and made a career as a smuggler. With the help of Maggie Hewitt (Clare Higgins), a respectable businesswoman who fell in love with him, Freddie was able to leave his life of crime behind him and has become a trusted employee of Maggie’s firm. However, a face from Freddie’s past — and a cache of rare gems — could destroy the new life Freddie has spent nearly two decades building. Produced for British television.

Role: Marcel Birkstead.

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