Stephen Moyer in NY-LON

Year: 2004 (TV Series)

Creator: Simon Burke & Anya Camilleri

Synopsis: This drama series from Channel 4 follows the trans-Atlantic love affair between New York record store clerk Edie (Rashida Jones) and London banker Michael (Stephen Moyer), two very different personalities drawn together by fabulous chemistry. Watch as they juggle travel, jobs, and family responsibilities, whilst pursuing a deepening love against a stupendous soundtrack that helps tell the story

Role: Michael Antonioni

What Stephen Moyer says about NY-LON:

“He’s this Essex boy who works in the city – I was drawn to this character who is not me at all but isn’t a million miles from what I could have been.”

“I was shooting on this traffic island in the middle of the mayhem, with me walking along, and there are cars pulling up, people shouting at me. My favourite heckle was when I was crying my eyes out and this car pulls up and a guy shouts out ‘Adrian! Adrian!’ exactly like Sylvester Stallone does when he finishes the fight in Rocky. It was hilarious. I thought that was a fantastic heckle.”

“Stephen Emery on line one” by AbsolutionMuser

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