Stephen Moyer on True Blood:
  • On kissing Anna Paquin, his wife, on set with fangs in: “I keep my mouth open and let her probe around the sharpness of the teeth,” he says of kissing with his creepy dental hardware. “Which is kind of erotic.”
  • On a Bill and Sookie scene: “My character would have had his head between Anna”s character”s legs. It was scrapped because of technical difficulty getting the shot with the number of camera set ups they had planned – as opposed to because it was too graphic.” Daily Express
  • On Sex on the show: “I like the fact that sex is shown in our show, I like the fact it is shown to be true. We show lustful sex, we show loving sex, and then my character does the loving and lustful sex. We’re in a society where it’s ok at 7 o’clock in the evening to see 200 terrorists gunned down by Jack Bauer, on 24, but we can’t see one female nipple unless it’s on cable network and I think that’s ridiculous.”
  • “The thing about vampirism is that it taps into a female point of view – you have an old-fashioned gentleman with manners who is a fucking killer … it’s an interesting duality, because in our present society it would be an odd thing for a woman to say, ‘I want my man to be physical with me.’ How, as a modern man, can you fucking work that? It’s one thing to be polite and gentle. … But when do you know it’s OK to crawl out of the mud and rape her [as Bill does in one scene]? … It’s difficult stuff for a bloke, but a vampire gets away with it. … I think that’s the attraction of the show – it’s looking back at a romantic time when men were men, but they were still charming.”
  • Sex on True Blood: “Sex on our show is like a big muffin that’s heating up, overflowing and expanding in an oven. This time last year I was thinking, What the fuck are we going to do next year to top this? Well, I can tell you it’s weird and exciting this year. As I said, the show is more character-centered—and I’m not saying it’s better or worse for it—but there’s certainly just as much, if not more, interesting sex because of it.” Playboy, July 2010
  • “Alex (Skarsgard)is a good friend of mine and a fantastic actor and I love working with Alex and I don’t get to do it as much as I would love to.” adding jokingly, “You never know — whether they’ll stick Eric and Bill in bed together, I don’t know. But here’s hoping!” Digital Spy
  • When asked about how fans of the books react to the show: “… Fans of the books will only be about 5 percent of the audience.”
  • On pronouncing Sookie: “We were given that pronunciation very early on by [‘True Blood’ author] Charlaine Harris herself. Sookie rhymes with cookie. It doesn’t rhyme with kooky.” Details
  • When asked what attracts a vampire to a human: “She offers her neck and she eats her greens and she has to, obviously, have lots of carrots so she can go out at night, um, and I think waitresses are particularly good stock. Virgins are good, not that there’s many of them left …”
  • On Tru:Blood the drink: “It’s like V8, but they put like 1,000 raspberries in a sieve, and they crush them and blend them. So it tastes pretty darn good, and it leaves a really great stain on your lips.”
  • On the relationship between Bill and Sookie: “It’s a sentimental, old-world kind of courting. […] It’s about being courted by someone who could rip your arteries out.”
  • “I hadn’t done a Southern accent since I pretended to be a cowboy when I was 7. I hadn’t practiced at home, because I’d literally gotten the script the night before, but when I opened my mouth when we were doing the take, it was just kind of there.”
  • True Blood vs. Twilight: “That’s like comparing Monterey Jack and Roquefort. If my eight-year-old daughter comes to me when she’s 13 and says, ‘Dad, what would you rather I got into, Twilight or Black Sabbath?’ I’d be stuck between the two but would probably pull for Twilight. I love Black Sabbath, but that can wait until my daughter turns 16. The Twilight movies fill a niche. In her Twilight novels Stephenie Meyer has chosen a similar vampire framework to tell a story about burgeoning sexuality. What’s interesting about our show is that sexuality has already burgeoned. I wish Twilight the best of luck, but I’m very happy to be doing True Blood.” Playboy, July 2010
  • When things get hot under the collar filming steamy scenes with Anna: “I have a little stand-by that I think of when that happens which is Margaret Thatcher naked playing Ping-Pong. I have had that for like 20 years – Margaret Thatcher naked playing Ping-Pong – then whoa, everything is fine again.” The View”
  • On not having to fake his True Blood sex scenes: “I think that one great bonus is we don’t need a fluffer.”
  • On staying pale for ‘True Blood': “I live by the beach, so I had to wear long sleeves and a floppy hat or I’d look like a Red Lobster ad.”
  • On Seeing Anna’s nakedness on TV: “You know, I don’t get embarrassed about seeing her bits on TV because I’ve already seen them!”
Stephen Moyer misc quotes:
  • On losing his virginity: “I was quite young when I started doing all right, below legal age and with somebody I knew very well. It happened outdoors and was very naughty and unexpected. In my little village some girls reached maturity at a young age, and there was a lot of ‘you show me yours and I’ll show you mine’ stuff happening, lots of looking and a little bit of touching too, from a very young age.” Playboy, July 2010
  • On ‘The Sock': “I veer medium to extra large. No, it’s very funny, they brought in a selection of socks to try on and I don’t know whether they were doing it very sweetly, the costume department, like they brought in an extra-small one so that you feel really good. But I wasn’t the extra small which was very gratifying for me.”
  • On filming sex scenes with Anna: “I’m so used to having them on set when Anna and I are having a love scene that when we get home and we’re in bed by ourselves, I kind of miss them.”
  • What scares him in his real life outside of the show: “Something happening to my daughter or son, who are eight and 10, respectively. The first time I had my picture taken with my daughter was after we’d gone to get pizza, and 20 paparazzi were running backward with their cameras. My initial impulse was to drop the pizza and fucking smash those cameras. I’d never felt that before. My daughter hasn’t chosen to do what I do for a living. Those guys are just doing their job, and if they’re taking pictures of Anna and me, then somebody’s watching the show. I’ve got nothing to hide. I’m very happy in my life. I don’t go to big parties. I’m out there every morning picking up my dog’s shit, so if they want to take that shot, fine.” Playboy, July 2010
  • “There is this idea that home has to be one place and I’ve only just realized that home really can be as many places as you want it to be.”
  • On “Twilight” vampire, Edward Cullen: “He’s the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires.”
  • “If you’d asked me if I believed in the paranormal this time last year I’d have said no. I used to be an atheist, but I’ve chilled out a bit on that. A couple of things in the past year have made me think maybe there is something to it.”
  • “Jack Kerouac to read poetry out loud and Thelonious Monk to play piano. I’d also want somebody to sing. Let’s go with Sarah Vaughan.” Stephen describing his ideal dinner party to Rachael Ray
Stephen Moyer on his relationship with Anna:
  • “Thank heaven for Skype. Skype is just amazing – I chat or … you can do a lot of things when you can see people. It kind of just makes it a little more interesting.”
  • “What’s in store in the future for Anna and I? Well, we’re going to have little vampire babies.”
  • On Anna being bi: “I’ve never been in a relationship before in which, literally within the first three days, all the cards were laid out … It wasn’t something that was kept from me. I condone what she has done 100 percent, and it’s her business to talk about it, not mine. It doesn’t change anything. I’m proud of who she is.” Playboy, July 2010
  • “She doesn’t pull punches. I’ll take 74,000 words to express an emotion because I fear hurting someone’s feelings. Anna will do it in three words … But we trust each other so implicitly that there’s never anything hurtful; it always comes from a loving place.” Playboy, July 2010
  • “It’s not as though people I’ve been with before haven’t been loving, but with Anna it’s just about pure trust, on camera and off … I have never trusted anybody like I trust Anna.” Playboy, July 2010
  • “It’s HBO’s fault. “They put us in the same hotel … We hung out for a while and got to know each other. The attraction was there, so it was a matter of whether we acted on it or not.”
  • “My girl is hard core.”
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